21. september 2009

Borgerkrigen er igang i Frankrig

Borgerkrig i Europa: Medierne tavse

Radikale muslimer i Frankrig´s bolig komplekser fører en uerklæret “intifada” mod politiet, med voldelige sammenstød sårende et gennemsnit på 14 betjente om dagen. Mens Indenrigsministeriet siger, at omkring 2.500 betjente er blevet såret i år, erklærer politiets fagforening, at dens medlemmer er “i en borgerkrigslignende krig” med muslimer i de kummerligste forstadsområder, der er hårdt ramt af arbejdsløs ungdom af afrikansk oprindelse…”

Fra:  http://blog.tv2.dk/literally/entry336142.html

Hvordan kan det ske, hvilke kræfter kan forhindre folk i at reagere på det de ser, hvis de ser det?

Socialism and dhimmicracy, Video: Former KGB Yuri Bezmenov: How To Brainwash A Nation – Full Version (klik på play-knappen for at starte video):

20. september 2009

“Hellig Erobring” Af Danmark

Del 1

Del 2

http://jp.dk/indland/kbh/article1823414.ece :

Som afslutning på Ramadanen 2009 hærgede unge bl.a.  Østre Farimagsgade, hvor de sparkede til parkerede biler, visiterede forgængere og smed med cyklerne på deres vej. Dette skete under politieskorte. Politiet eskorterede de unge til Blågårds Plads, hvor en 20-årig mand blev anholdt, efter at han spyttede en politibetjent i ansigtet.

19. september 2009

Britain says stop

Fellow Patriot,
As our enemies gather to plot our downfall, us, and indeed they, would do well to remember that for thousands of years the British people have defended these Isles, our blood and all we love and hold dear.

Millions of our ancestors have died defending the right of our people to exist under our own traditions in our own homeland, and to hand down to future generations the sacred soil of our island home.

Remember our heroes of old
At Waterloo, Trafalgar, Rorkes Drift, the Crimea, Ypres, Passchendaele, the Somme, Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, D-day and the Falklands, men and women of our blood have triumphed against staggering odds to defend our proud nation.
In 1948, not long after the guns fell silent at the end of the Second World War, our treacherous politicians initiated the greatest act of genocide against the British people in history: The immigration invasion.

Starting with the ‘Windrush’, which landed at Tilbury in 1948, the pace of the never-ending flood of foreigners into Britain has turned into a nightmare that has caused the transformation of large areas of our homeland into mini versions of Baghdad, Karachi, Islamabad and Bombay.

The mass invasion of Britain, almost complete!
The invasion is being carried out under various guises, immigration, asylum-seeking and so on, but the end result is always the same: the colonisation of our towns and cities by a never-ending conveyor belt of Asian, African, Balkan and, most dangerous of all, Islamic immigrants.
Our war heroes have been betrayed! Our children have been betrayed! Within several decades the native British people will become a minority in their own ancestral homeland. This is an act of deliberate, calculated genocide against our ancient race and nation.

They won’t even allow our dead to rest in peace
At this very moment In Manchester one of our ancient Christian Churches, St. John’s, is being bulldozed to the ground and the Christians buried there are being dug up to make way for, you guessed it, another Islamic mosque! Islam is now quite literally trampling on the bones of our Christian heritage.
Meanwhile ‘Mohammed’ is now the most popular baby name in London and the second most popular baby name in the United Kingdom! At the current rates of immigration and the massive immigrant birth rates, the British people face becoming a minority and Britain a third-world country within two generations!

Our land is literally being devoured by the immigrant invasion
The government’s own migration adviser has admitted that thousands of immigrants are getting jobs at the expense of British workers. The flood of migrants into Britain is causing a housing shortage which inflates house prices, forcing the government to concrete our green belt with hundreds of thousands of new homes for the incoming colonisers.
New official figures from ‘The Department for Children, Schools and Families’ have confirmed that white British people have been ethnically cleansed from inner city London. Of the approximately 310,907 children in London schools, 159,340 do not have English as their mother tongue. The figures only refer to recent immigrants whose parents have not been anglicised.

As a result, second or third generation Third World immigrant-origin children have been counted as having English as a home language. When they are combined with more recent immigrants, the 159,340 figure, the situation is one of ethic genocide for the white Londoners. Indeed, ALL IS LOST IN OUR CAPITAL CITY!

Now our enemies are almost strong enough..watch the horror unfold!
Dewsbury, Luton and Harrow, to name a few, have recently seen disturbing instances of Muslim gangs rampaging and attacking police, businesses and local British people. You probably saw the shocking scenes of Muslim violence recently at harrow mosque. But who got the blame? The BNP, despite the fact that we were not there and publically stated so before and after the event!
Even certain establishment cretins are voicing concerns over the diabolical preference given to Islam. Establishment journalist Melanie Phillips sounded a warning about the creeping Islamification of Britain, pointing out that Islamists are given free reign to organise and plot against this country from within.

In a recent issue of her column in one of the daily rags, Melanie Phillips – no friend of the BNP – discussed how ridiculous it was that an Islamist extremist who “has been designated a terrorist by the United Nations” lives freely in Britain despite clear Al-Qaeda connections.

Immigrant murder rates are a threat to us all
New figures released by police forces across Britain have shown that 20 percent of all murders last year were committed by recent immigrants born in other countries. The figures do not include murders committed by the children of immigrants, as in the knife-crime plague in London which is almost exclusively a second or third generation black phenomenon.
If the recent immigrant murder rate is added to the second generation immigrant murder rate, the immigrant murder rate would be far higher, possibly even as much as half of all murders in this country.

Immigration, colonisation, multiculturalism and political correctness are destroying the Britain we all love and cherish. Our children have no future in this country and face a bleak future where they face becoming a dispossessed and despised minority in their own homeland. We cannot allow this to happen!

Time is running out!
For over 60 years the immigration invasion has transformed huge areas of our country into third-world slums and Islamic ghettos. On current birth-rate figures, we will become a minority in our own land within perhaps 1 or 2 generations.
We have lived in these islands for thousands of years, but now we will lose EVERYTHING unless we recover our British backbone and take our country back!

For almost 30 years now the British National Party has triumphed against staggering odds, coming from nothing to having elected representatives on nearly every tier of Government. We have shown beyond a doubt that we have the maturity, tenacity, determination and ability to overcome any obstacle thrown in our path by the rotten anti-British establishment.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save our country – but we need YOUR help to save our children’s future!

We are on borrowed time, we must act now or our children and our nation will perish!
Today I am asking you to help the BNP and our historic mission to save the British race and nation. Below are four ways in which you can join/help the crusade to rescue our nation from colonisation, immigration and multiculturalism.
If you care about your country, your heritage, your ancestors, your children, then now is the time to leap into the crucible and join the struggle!

I have such tremendous faith in the indomitable spirit of the British people and have no doubt whatsoever that we will triumph against the forces destroying our country in the end. Today you can help the British Resistance:

The anti-British bullies of the Equalities Commission are dragging us into court in an attempt to pile on the financial pressure. Court costs are enormously expensive – help us fight back against the hypocritical bigots of the Race Relations industry by choosing one of the 4 options below:

1. Send an urgent donation – please use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/donate/ or to send an urgent donation by telephone ring: 0871 0500 234
2. Show your loyalty to the Cause of British Nationalism by becoming a Life Member for the reduced rate of £395. To become a Life Member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/life/ or to become a life member by telephone:
0871 0500 234
3. Become part of the ‘elite’ by upgrading or joining as a Gold Member (£30 to upgrade or £60 to join from new). To become a Gold member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/gold/ or to become a Gold member by telephone:
0871 0500 234
4. Join the British Resistance to multiculturalism, colonisation and political correctness! To become a BNP member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/join/ or to become a member by telephone: 0871 0500 234

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, BNP

PS: My latest video update is still available to watch and contains crucial information on our present dilemma. To watch my Equalities Commission showdown update video please click here http://www.britishpride.org/chairman7.html

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© British National Party 2009, National Central Office, Admail 4148, London, EC1A 1UY


Britains’ population account as false as the German and the Danish

18. september 2009

Der tages folkeligt intiativ i England nu

EDL Manchester October 10th promo video – No to Radical Islam

Say No til Eurabia

Britain says stop

16. september 2009

Den Tredje Hellige Krig

Radical Islam’s Vision For America:

www.thethirdjihad.com (video in full length if you give your e-mail address to Daniel Pipes)

Remember the Motivations Behind the 9/11 Attacks

11. september 2009


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AntiJihad Norge

Retorikken er paa plads: USA og vi er skyldige som saedvanlig


Så er der gået 8 år siden angrebet på the Twin Towers i New York, hvor tæt på 3000 uskyldige blev dræbt.

Derefter gik det igen præcis som vi forudsagde:

I går aftes kunne vi høre nogle af de frelste danske medløbere på TV benævne krigen i Irak som vor angrebskrig. For den sags skyld kunne forsvaret af Vesten have været startet næsten på hvilket som sted i Mellemøsten for at udtørre angribernes kilder. Al Qaeda er godt repræsenteret i de fleste af landene i området. Og indstillingen der dominerer: 49,9 % støtter Osama bin Laden blandt de unge, som Al-Jazeera påviste i september 2006.

Vi kan sige det er som at slå plat eller krone.

Årsdagen fejres dernede ved at der sendes mindst to raketter fra sydlibanon ind i nordisrael. Antallet af terror-angreb med dødelig udgang siden 9-11 kan du aflæse i kolofonen til højre.

22. august 2009

Ny forsvarsminister i Iran – terrorist?


Berlingske Tidende
“Argentinsk vrede over Iran


Iran nominerer forsvarsminister, der er eftersøgt af Interpol for terrorbombe i Buenos Aires.
Lørdag den 22. august 2009, 06:20
Argentina udtrykker bestyrtelse over, at Iran vil gøre en eftersøgt terrorist til forsvarsminister.
Irans præsident, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nominerede fredag Ahmad Vahidi til posten som forsvarsminister. Han er eftersøgt for terrorbomben mod et jødisk center i Buenos Aires i 1994, der dræbte 85 mennesker…”

Krisens varighed – JAMEN, DET SIGER DE DA PAA TV!


Såkaldte konjunkturer eller business cycles er alle skabt af emsige politikere, der helst ville ophæve naturlovene for at få systemet til at gavne dem selv. Uden drivkraft kan man aldrig sejle op ad åen, så sejles der kun nedad, og bagefter går det altid nedad igen, forudsat terrænet så falder ligesom strømmen.
Krisen er nødt til at udtømme sig selv, for at vi får renset ud, ellers hober den sig mere og mere op. Ingen offentlige banker, ingen offentlige understøttelser til virksomheder, ingen ekstra skatter, ingen nyopfundne kreditter, ingen seddeltrykning/ pengeudstedelse, ingen forøgelse af forbruget, hverken det private eller det offentlige, der fortsat dræner kapitalen ud af virksomhederne, hvor eneste drivkraft findes med kapitalen tilstede.


Og alt dette skal de offentlige systemer være indrettet til at kunne holde til??


Og samtidig skal vi omstille til den internationale konkurrence. Det går som det skal.


Du skal ikke tro nogen af politikerne ved, hvad man skal holde sig fra. De var ikke engang begyndt at pisse i bukserne, da vi havde den sidste storkrise, der skyldtes det samme som nu  – de menneskelige egenskaber, der i øvrigt nu er afskaffet pr. politisk korrekte forordninger -, og historieskrivningen/ historielæsningen hader de, fordi den omhandler ting og hændelser, der er ældre end eller ligger forud for dem selv.
Når massearbejdsløsheden vokser vildt ligger fristelsen til at lave inflation lige for. Sker det bliver det hele være.

14. august 2009

7-9 brutale hjemmerøverier i Viby og Hasselager holdt skjult indtil nu


Retarderet dreng på 15 bag meget brutale hjemmerøverier i et stort antal – som vi ikke har hørt om var begået

Uddrag fra : http://stiften.dk/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090814/AAS/991583065/1002

“Hvad der i første omgang så ud til at være to isolerede hjemmerøverier i Viby begået af en 15-årig dreng har nu udviklet sig til en gyser for politi og sociale myndigheder. Drengen har nemlig lidt efter lidt tilstået mellem syv og ni rå hjemmerøverier i Århus…


Overgrebene har været voldsomme og er gået ud over såvel ældre som helt unge borgere i Viby-Hasselager-området…”



TV2 TTV melder herom, at det drejer sig om 7-9 hjemmerøverier i Østjylland. Og samtidig melder samme dhimmi-kanal, at drengen er fra Århus. Han er fra og født i Afghanistan. Nu er det heller ikke sådan, at de to små forstæder Viby og Hasselager udgør Østjylland, så på dette sikre grundlag vidste vi godt på forhånd, at drengen måtte være immigrant uanset ‘fra Århus’. Ellers ville det også idiotisk nok have været understreget i medløbermedierne, at hjemmerøveren netop var dansk, ganskevist så med en minimal chance for at han kunne have fået tildelt dansk statsborgerskab som immigrant, hvis han altså ikke var dansk :

Vi kender den let gennemskuelige dhimmitude-retorik i medløbermedierne

Hjemmerøverier indtil 2. oktober 2008

Hjemmerøverier og fejlskøn fra Rigspolitiets Nationale Efterforsknings Center

Antallet af hjemmerøverier steg således fra 2006 til 2008 (kun indtil oktober 2008) sådan:


I Vejle meldte Politiet, at i 85 tilfælde var fra 13. maj til ca. 23. juli 2008 forøvet indbrud i folks boliger, medens de sov. Det melder Vejle Amts Folkeblad. Det er mere end et indbrud om dagen, bare i Vejle i denne periode. Det er en udlændinge/indvandrerbande der driver denne trafik, som er meget udansk….

Skal vi op på 100 eller 150 hjemrøverier i 2009? Hvad mon politikerne har planlagt antallet til i 2010?

Nej, det slog ikke til:

2009: I alt 364 hjemmerøverier

Danmark på vej mod anarki


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