3. september 2010

A shorter version of the general welfare distribution in Denmark and Germany and a little on used weighed average

When real research shown on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_and_Global_Inequality says IQ-average in nations of Africa show figures from 59-84  and IQ-average in the Middle East shows 83-87 I would think that a German in a nation with IQ-average of 99 is able to understand that total average IQ resulted from a weighed average with the presence descendants’ original regions as weighs shall be drawn down even though you might have a non-mathematically background. The last comment I hope you accept as sarcasm.

“Socialhilfe” in Germany 300%, In Denmark 330% when you take amount of welfare (proved by the official Welfare Commission) implies the following:

Germany : x/(1-x) * 0,90/0,10 = 3,00 result in x = 25 percent of all “Socialhilfe”

if Germany has 10% immigrants – when the German statistics have been corrected, eventually from Denmark. Notice: births of foreign citizens and births of naturalised (children after “die Einbürgerungen”) are not included in what you read from Statistisches Bundesamt. It matters if you agree that a letter from Bundesamt does not change the identity of an individual and their children.

In Denmark 330% when you take all amounts of welfare of payments/tranfers and wage to public service staff included  and all foreign descendants (proved by the official Danish Welfare Commission) analogic implies the following:

Denmark:  x/(1-x) * 0,877/0,123 = 3,30 result in x = 31,6 percent of all amounts of public welfare

This is also a 100% correct use of mathematics or a true

projection of universial bricks, even though it is at least 101%

politically incorrect