16. januar 2009

Angrebet paa det officielle Danmark er i fuld gang og har vaeret i mange aar – man skal ikke regne med nogen reaktioner, for det har overgivet sig

Uddrag af: http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/article1111310.ece

Smed sten mod ambulance

En Falck ambulance blev i aftes bombarderet med sten fra en bro i Hvidovre. Ambulancefolkene troede de blev beskudt…”

Supplement: http://hodja.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/smed-sten-mod-ambulance/

Smed sten mod busserne

I Århus klagede buschafførerne i dag i TV2 Østjylland over stenkast mod busserne. Én chaffør der undrede sig over myndighedernes manglende indsats hævdede sågar, at såfremt det havde drejet sig om privatbiler, havde man grebet ind – politiets biler eller politifolkenes privatbiler, siger jeg.

Hvordan kan det være? : NO-GO – This area is ours


10. december 2007

Paris: Rioters ‘were out to kill us’

Excerpt from: http://gabriellecusumano.townhall.com/g/39b9d515-f4f2-4705-abf1-059029bffe02
“Rioters ‘were out to kill us’, says wounded French officer
The kids were shooting at us at close range, loading and reloading their weapons. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like in a movie. They were picking us off from 10 or 15 metres away…”

Excerpt from: http://awarforeurabia.blogspot.com/
“Well, looks like Niko has his work cut out for him in Paris. The most recent set of Paris riots has bred a dangerous new challenge, “youths” with firepower. I’ve speculated before, wondering what kinds of weapons/explosives they’ve got hidden in those no-go zones for French police.

And lets make no mistake here! There are in all likelihood far worse than hunting rifles and handguns hidden in those ban lieus. Even though the media won’t say it, I will. These are MUSLIM “youths.” They have the backing of other Muslims including the oil rich states. These states have plenty of cash thanks to their oil profits and they have military’s who are quite capable of getting far heavier firepower than what is currently being shown…”