20. december 2012



“Islamnet ved Høyskolen i Oslo inviterer til kurs neste helg. Kurslederen Haitham al-Haddad er en velkjent shariaekstremist som blant annet er beskyldt for å ha medvirket til radikalisering av trusebomberen Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab. Foredrag ved al-Haddad har blitt stanset i Nederland og i Storbritannia, der han bor, men i Norge er han altså velkommen? Dertil på Høyskolen i Oslo og Akershus sine lokaler…”

3. november 2012

Great Britain – a police state? – EDL-Leader Tommy Robinson ‘political prisoner’

“Support for ‘political prisoner’, EDL leader Tommy Robinson  (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), who is currently being held on remand at  Wandsworth Prison in London, has spread to Germany.

A video of the vigil, which took place on 24 October in  Berlin, Germany in front of the British Embassy, close to the Brandenburg Gate,  can be seen below.

Signs were held saying ‘Tommy Robinson  a.k.a. Stephen Lennon – Jailed for speaking the truth and fighting for  democracy’ and ‘Free EDL Tommy’…”

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/335536#ixzz2BAXlOF4P

“A few days ago, The Telegraph was able to reveal that British prisons have started releasing a great number of rapists, sex offenders and violent criminals even before they have served half of their sentence. In 2011, 92 rapists, 176 other sex offenders and 6,990 violent criminals benefited from this benevolent policy. Many of those released carry on their old activities as soon as they are back on the street, which has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction – not least among the victims.


On October 21, the state caught up with the leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, whose real name is believed to be Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. He is accused of having used a fake passport when entering the United States in September in order to give a speech at the September 11 SION (Stop the Islamization of Nations) conference in New York…”

Read more: http://www.d-intil.com/articles/editorial/2012-10-25/great-britain-police-state

6. april 2011

Terror attack highly likely at the Royal wedding

Firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary has warned that a terror attack is ‘highly likely’ at the Royal wedding. The hate preacher has told all Muslims to stay away from Westminster Abbey on April 29, describing it as ‘a prime target’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372291/Muslim-Anjem-Choudary-warns-Royal-wedding-terror-attack-highly-likely.html#ixzz1IjD46OFz

26. november 2010

British Professor Speaks Out: Whites A Minority 2066

Extract from: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3234028/Oxford-professor-issues-shock-population-warning-for-Great-Britain-by-2066.html#ixzz16N2YZLAk

“WHITE British people will be in a MINORITY in their own country by 2066, an expert warned last night.
David Coleman, professor of demography at Oxford University, said they will make up less than HALF the population in just over 50 years.

And soaring immigrant birthrates mean white British kids will be in a minority of youngsters in the UK even sooner. The dramatic decline will be fuelled by record-breaking levels of immigration, coupled with the departure of thousands of Brits for a better life abroad, the population analyst said…”

19. september 2009

Britain says stop

Fellow Patriot,
As our enemies gather to plot our downfall, us, and indeed they, would do well to remember that for thousands of years the British people have defended these Isles, our blood and all we love and hold dear.

Millions of our ancestors have died defending the right of our people to exist under our own traditions in our own homeland, and to hand down to future generations the sacred soil of our island home.

Remember our heroes of old
At Waterloo, Trafalgar, Rorkes Drift, the Crimea, Ypres, Passchendaele, the Somme, Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, D-day and the Falklands, men and women of our blood have triumphed against staggering odds to defend our proud nation.
In 1948, not long after the guns fell silent at the end of the Second World War, our treacherous politicians initiated the greatest act of genocide against the British people in history: The immigration invasion.

Starting with the ‘Windrush’, which landed at Tilbury in 1948, the pace of the never-ending flood of foreigners into Britain has turned into a nightmare that has caused the transformation of large areas of our homeland into mini versions of Baghdad, Karachi, Islamabad and Bombay.

The mass invasion of Britain, almost complete!
The invasion is being carried out under various guises, immigration, asylum-seeking and so on, but the end result is always the same: the colonisation of our towns and cities by a never-ending conveyor belt of Asian, African, Balkan and, most dangerous of all, Islamic immigrants.
Our war heroes have been betrayed! Our children have been betrayed! Within several decades the native British people will become a minority in their own ancestral homeland. This is an act of deliberate, calculated genocide against our ancient race and nation.

They won’t even allow our dead to rest in peace
At this very moment In Manchester one of our ancient Christian Churches, St. John’s, is being bulldozed to the ground and the Christians buried there are being dug up to make way for, you guessed it, another Islamic mosque! Islam is now quite literally trampling on the bones of our Christian heritage.
Meanwhile ‘Mohammed’ is now the most popular baby name in London and the second most popular baby name in the United Kingdom! At the current rates of immigration and the massive immigrant birth rates, the British people face becoming a minority and Britain a third-world country within two generations!

Our land is literally being devoured by the immigrant invasion
The government’s own migration adviser has admitted that thousands of immigrants are getting jobs at the expense of British workers. The flood of migrants into Britain is causing a housing shortage which inflates house prices, forcing the government to concrete our green belt with hundreds of thousands of new homes for the incoming colonisers.
New official figures from ‘The Department for Children, Schools and Families’ have confirmed that white British people have been ethnically cleansed from inner city London. Of the approximately 310,907 children in London schools, 159,340 do not have English as their mother tongue. The figures only refer to recent immigrants whose parents have not been anglicised.

As a result, second or third generation Third World immigrant-origin children have been counted as having English as a home language. When they are combined with more recent immigrants, the 159,340 figure, the situation is one of ethic genocide for the white Londoners. Indeed, ALL IS LOST IN OUR CAPITAL CITY!

Now our enemies are almost strong enough..watch the horror unfold!
Dewsbury, Luton and Harrow, to name a few, have recently seen disturbing instances of Muslim gangs rampaging and attacking police, businesses and local British people. You probably saw the shocking scenes of Muslim violence recently at harrow mosque. But who got the blame? The BNP, despite the fact that we were not there and publically stated so before and after the event!
Even certain establishment cretins are voicing concerns over the diabolical preference given to Islam. Establishment journalist Melanie Phillips sounded a warning about the creeping Islamification of Britain, pointing out that Islamists are given free reign to organise and plot against this country from within.

In a recent issue of her column in one of the daily rags, Melanie Phillips – no friend of the BNP – discussed how ridiculous it was that an Islamist extremist who “has been designated a terrorist by the United Nations” lives freely in Britain despite clear Al-Qaeda connections.

Immigrant murder rates are a threat to us all
New figures released by police forces across Britain have shown that 20 percent of all murders last year were committed by recent immigrants born in other countries. The figures do not include murders committed by the children of immigrants, as in the knife-crime plague in London which is almost exclusively a second or third generation black phenomenon.
If the recent immigrant murder rate is added to the second generation immigrant murder rate, the immigrant murder rate would be far higher, possibly even as much as half of all murders in this country.

Immigration, colonisation, multiculturalism and political correctness are destroying the Britain we all love and cherish. Our children have no future in this country and face a bleak future where they face becoming a dispossessed and despised minority in their own homeland. We cannot allow this to happen!

Time is running out!
For over 60 years the immigration invasion has transformed huge areas of our country into third-world slums and Islamic ghettos. On current birth-rate figures, we will become a minority in our own land within perhaps 1 or 2 generations.
We have lived in these islands for thousands of years, but now we will lose EVERYTHING unless we recover our British backbone and take our country back!

For almost 30 years now the British National Party has triumphed against staggering odds, coming from nothing to having elected representatives on nearly every tier of Government. We have shown beyond a doubt that we have the maturity, tenacity, determination and ability to overcome any obstacle thrown in our path by the rotten anti-British establishment.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save our country – but we need YOUR help to save our children’s future!

We are on borrowed time, we must act now or our children and our nation will perish!
Today I am asking you to help the BNP and our historic mission to save the British race and nation. Below are four ways in which you can join/help the crusade to rescue our nation from colonisation, immigration and multiculturalism.
If you care about your country, your heritage, your ancestors, your children, then now is the time to leap into the crucible and join the struggle!

I have such tremendous faith in the indomitable spirit of the British people and have no doubt whatsoever that we will triumph against the forces destroying our country in the end. Today you can help the British Resistance:

The anti-British bullies of the Equalities Commission are dragging us into court in an attempt to pile on the financial pressure. Court costs are enormously expensive – help us fight back against the hypocritical bigots of the Race Relations industry by choosing one of the 4 options below:

1. Send an urgent donation – please use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/donate/ or to send an urgent donation by telephone ring: 0871 0500 234
2. Show your loyalty to the Cause of British Nationalism by becoming a Life Member for the reduced rate of £395. To become a Life Member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/life/ or to become a life member by telephone:
0871 0500 234
3. Become part of the ‘elite’ by upgrading or joining as a Gold Member (£30 to upgrade or £60 to join from new). To become a Gold member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/gold/ or to become a Gold member by telephone:
0871 0500 234
4. Join the British Resistance to multiculturalism, colonisation and political correctness! To become a BNP member online use the following link https://secure.bnp.org.uk/join/ or to become a member by telephone: 0871 0500 234

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, BNP

PS: My latest video update is still available to watch and contains crucial information on our present dilemma. To watch my Equalities Commission showdown update video please click here http://www.britishpride.org/chairman7.html

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Britains’ population account as false as the German and the Danish

10. maj 2009

Storbritannien skal have korrigeret immigrantantallet betydeligt

Antal tildelte britiske statsborgerskaber i 11 års perioden 1997-

2007 – med tilhørende korrektion af immigrantantallet

 English version

Kilde : http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs08/hosb0508.pdf

Antal tildelte britiske statsborgerskaber pr. år 1997-2007:


I perioden 1997 til 2007 er 1.197.640 blevet tildelt det britiske statsborgerskab – med 7-11 procent afslag på ansøgning liggende bag.

Med langt den overvejende andel af de godkendte ansøgere med seneste tidligere statstilhørsforhold i Asien, Afrika og Mellemøsten skal vi regne med mindst tilvækstraten 4% pr. år som følge af fødsler blandt de naturaliserede i Storbritannien.

Alene disse 11 års tildeling af britiske statsborgerskaber har således ført til en befolkningsstigning af britiske statsborgere på 1.397.640, der nu medregnes i befolkningsregnskaber som britiske, selvom f.eks. fertiliteten er ganske forskellig fra den britiske – cirka 3 gange højere.

I 2004 estimeredes de ikke-UK-fødte til 8,9 procent af befolkningen, i 2007 var andelen steget til 10,6 procent jfr. https://danmark.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/the-united-kingdom-will-have-17-7-mio-more-within-the-next-25-years-det-forenede-kongerige-opererer-fortsat-med-gigantisk-indvandring-i-sine-planer/

Denne stigning vil man ikke overraskes af, når man har gjort sig klart, at den samlede befolkningstilvækst stammer fra en eksplosivt voksende indvandring, fødsler blandt de ikke naturaliserede indvandrede  – d.v.s. indvandrede udenlandske statsborgere – og i tillæg kommer så tilvækst fra fødsler blandt de naturaliserede og deres børn. De britiske børnefødsler opvejer så langt fra antallet af døde og udvandrede briter. Briter føder 43 procent for få børn.

Det betyder at 5,090 millioner fremmede i 2007 skal tillægges antal børn og børnebørn født af naturaliserede i UK, og vi hævder således at antallet mere end fordobles, hvis alle naturaliserede og deres børn medregnes, således at fremmedandelen er 11-12 milloner ud af i alt 61 millioner i 2009 – d.v.s. 18-20 procent.

Dette kan vi med sikkerhed hævde efter at have gennemgået og analyseret indvandrerudviklingen og udviklingen i tildelingen af danske statsborgerskaber i Danmark i perioden 1979-2006: http://www.lilliput-information.com/kantranspo.html

Tager vi alene 11 årsperioden 1997-2007 i Storbritannien hævder vi således 1.397.640 skal lægges til de 5.090.000 ikke-UK fødte fremmede. Jo fjernere en periode der korrigeres for desto flere børn er der kommet til.


Tidligere statsborgerskab blandt de naturaliserede i 2007:


Please, listen and see (and imagine it even worse) :




14. marts 2009

Predictability and responsibility, ruthless optimism and blind self-sacrifice


Predictability and responsibility,

ruthless optimism and blind self-


J.  L. – 2.12. 2008

Dansk version

Let us add some own reflections about this ‘baby boom’ phenomenon, by some naivists seen as a welcome and beneficial rise in the ‘European fertility’, by others as the ominous first stage of an accelerating replacement of the British population by another one, i.e., mainly by Muslims and other Third Worlds immigrants.

To make own calculations we must understand that, if the ‘maintenance’ fertility of a population at 2.1 means that the population remains roughly constant, then a fertility of 1.05 (the lowest fertility within the EU is near to 1.1, the average at 1.4-1.5 1)) means that within a human lifetime (about 3 generations) the population will shrink to 50 %, which not necessarily is a bad thing in one of the world’s most densely populated region. But it is fatal, if at the same time and in the same place an Oriental fertility of 4.2, which means a doubling to 200 % instead, takes over. It is fatal for the European culture, for its wealth, for its freedom – it is just the often warned-for way into dhimmitude.

The situation of a rapidly shrinking population means in principle that the normal ‘pyramid’ of a rapidly growing population, 2 parents, 4 children and 8 grandchildren, is turned around: 4 grandparents have 2 children which have 1 grandchild. Western Europe’s endogenous population is today half-ways into this situation and has to be cautious to stay in control of its own fate. Instead, it is embezzling its demographic achievement (of peacefully coping with its own overpopulation) by importing the Third World’s potential for marching straight into the ‘overpopulation trap’, which for underdeveloped populations seems to be unavoidable, when only voluntary means are applied (see the significant difference between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the one hand and China on the other).

If Muslim fertility is threefold the fertility of non-Muslims (as it is in Britain), this population exchange will pro­ceed surprisingly fast, faster than in many other countries. You may study the curve for France, calculated for actual reproduction (= fertility) rates of 1.4 vs. 3.8 in the chapter about France (page xxx): The same process in Great Britain could be even faster. The ‘break even point’ for France is about 2087 (or earlier) – the one for Great Britain could come around the same time. The prediction by Bernhard Lewis that Europe will be Islamized at the end of this century (2100), which is doubted bay many naivists, could turn out to be still optimistic. What world do we, by deliberately importing Muslim fertility into our own countries, hand over to our grand­children? A giant Gaza North Bank, a British Waziristan – or just a giant European Libanon? Is is possible that the World will see both ‘The Balkanization of the West’ (Stjepan Mestrović), ‘The Disuniting of Europa’ (Arthur Schlesinger jr), ’The Clash of Civilizations’ (Samuel P Huntington) and ‘Eurabia’ (Bat Ye’or) come true, and all four processes happening on the same European ground. The resulting deluge of exilants and refugees will be appalling. The prospects that America, at that point of time, still is a safe heaven for Europeans are bleak. Maybe the waves of fugitives will seek their way to the Eastern countries of the former Soviet block, so long protected by a ‘blessing in disguise’: their long-standing lack of economical and political attractivity, inflicted by the short­comings of communism and its totalitarian ruthlessness. Which we can study in Chechnya, boostered by events like the Dubrovka theatre siege 2002 (at least 170 deaths and 700 injured) and the Beslan school massacre 2004 (at least 385 deaths and 783 injured).

In Dutch Utrecht, lately, the prevalence of immigrants was around 30 %, of children in school around 50 % and of newborn 70 %, which is among the highest in Western Europe. You need not study mathematics or statistics to conclude that this some day in the near future will be the proportion of adults in Utrecht. Their newborn rate will then exceed 90 %. (That was – exactly! – the fate of the Egyptian Copts and of many other religious min­orities throughout the Middle East and many other Islamic realms.) For the liberal modern countries in Europe with open arms for the sufferings, the conflicts, and the misery of the developing World, time is of the issue. Indeed, it’s already running out. The laws of nature work merciless.

One option is surely disastrous: If we will remain passive and allow the problem to culminate as it has done in some 30 countries around the world, today torn by civil wars and terror, we will never be able to find a good ex­cuse. Those who cause, permit or – even worse – facilitate this crucial demographic and even social, cultural, political and developmental shift, shoulder a tremendous responsibility. Especially, because by doing so they ignore their own highly concerned peoples’ explicit will. This is shown by poll after poll all over the Western world. Therefore the people self will not be asked any longer and to respect their opinion will be denounced as ‘populism’ (a remarkable critic, as ‘populus’ in Latin means the same as ‘demos’ in Greek.).

I suppose there is no other way for the concerned European countries, threatened by the loss of their sovereignty and their freedom, to stop this detrimental process than speak out their will louder and louder and be free, resp­onsible and courageous citizens, impossible to overrun by their own governments, blinded by goodwill, seduced by illusions, corrupted by their own ruthless optimism and suffocated by their ill-considered, unlimited and self-sacrificing social pathos.


The British population account must be corrected

1) According to EUROSTAT the total fertility in the 15 EU old countries and in all the 25 EU countries was respectively 1,46 and 1,49 i 2004. This implies that the ethnic European fertilities range from 1,0 to 1,1. This implicates further that the development runs about 40-50% quicker than described in this article.

Complement on fertility in Danish: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2007/02/05/antal-boern-og-fremmedandel-der-lyves-groft-herom/

Complements on fertility in English:


2. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
Assume for a moment that the increase in fertility from 1.14 to … immigrant-group and continue the fertility-pattern of this group for … 1.14 is the fertility among the ethnic Danes

3. lilliput-information, Information of Denmark, immigrants in Denmark,fag
Provisional comments to newest investigation of fertility among immigrants in … demografic parameter of fertilityamong foreign women immigrated to Denmark. Fertility is the average

4. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
English comments to the investigation of fertility among immigrants in … demografic parameter of fertility among foreign women immigrated to Denmark. Fertility is the average

5. information of Denmark, engsamm.html
The fertility is the number of children … that lead to the small fertility-number 1.2-1.4 … of foreigners, and later on the fertility has most likely fallen further. International

6. lilliput-information, Information om Danmark, fremmede i Danmark, fertt.html
com/italy/life_and_customs/persistent_drop_in_ fertility_res.htm : “. In no … 1.67 if the fertility of women born abroad … in order of Total Fertility Rate (children): Rank Country

7. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
estimating the demografic parameter of fertility among foreign women … calculated by U.N. Fertility is the average number … assume the idea that fertility among the foreigners adjust

8. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
pageid=1089,47613132&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&mo=containsall&ms=fertility&saa=&p_action=SUBMIT &l=dk&co=equal&ci=,&po=equalπ=,) , estimeret til 1,28 hos CIA for 2005 (http://

9. lilliput-information, Information om Danmark, fremmede i Danmark, forch.html
Total fertility in Denmark (a very small country of 5,447,084 inhabitants all in all) is officially reported to be 1.75 child per women. When the most foreign immigrants give

10. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
international competition, the low western fertility, therefore the ageing of the populations, the weight of the welfare system compared with GNP, and the still increasing state-

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