1. marts 2010

Karadzic defends Bosnian Serb ‘holy’ cause at trial

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8542297.stm (with video of his speech)
Radovan Karadzic: ”I will defend that nation of ours and their cause”

Karadzic defends Bosnian Serb ‘holy’ cause at trial

Former leader Radovan Karadzic has said the Serb cause in the Bosnian war was “just and holy” as he began his defence at his genocide trial at The Hague.

Mr Karadzic, who led the Bosnian Serbs during the war in the 1990s, said there was a core group of Muslims in Bosnia – then and now – who wanted 100% power.

Speaking in the Hague, he insisted the Serbs were only acting in self-defence.

He insists he is innocent of all 11 charges from the 1992-95 Bosnian war, including genocide and war crimes.

The trial had been adjourned since November and the judge rejected a new request for a further postponement.

‘Good case’

Mr Karadzic suspended his boycott and appeared in court along with his lawyer on Monday as the trial resumed.

“I will defend that nation of ours and their cause that is just and holy,” Mr Karadzic said in translated comments at the International

“We have a good case. We have good evidence and proof.”

He is expected to present a two-day opening statement before prosecutors present their first witness on Wednesday…”

31. marts 2009

10-års dag for NATO som angrebsalliance


10-årsdagen for Nato-angrebet på




Uddrag af Nyhedsbrev fra Den Danske forening, 24. Marts 2009:

”10-års dag for NATO som angrebsalliance

 I dag for 10 år siden gik NATO til angreb på en suveræn europæisk stat – i strid med folkeretten og uden FNs accept.

 Den officielle begrundelse var ønsket om at stoppe et folkedrab, – som efterfølgende viste sig aldrig havde fundet sted.

 Den uofficielle begrundelse blev udtalt af daværende senator – nuværende vicepræsident – Joseph Biden under en senatshøring:

 ”Pristina er en af de få muslimske byer i verden, hvor USA ikke blot er respekteret, men direkte afholdt. Hvis vi sørger for den rette løsning, vil muslimer i hele verden blive mindet om, at USA kom Kosovos muslimer til hjælp og hjalp dem med at opbygge et stærkt, uafhængigt multietnisk demokrati…”


 Excerpt from : http://www.russiatoday.com/Politics/2009-03-30/Is_there_a_haven_for_Islamists_in_Europe_s_backyard.html


“Is there a haven for Islamists in

Europe’s backyard?


30 March, 2009, 10:23

There are fears that after becoming independent, Bosnia-Herzegovina is becoming a breeding ground for Islamic fundamentalism. Many of the biggest terrorist attacks of recent years have links to the country.

At least two of the 9/11 hijackers trained and fought in Bosnia. And all of those involved in the Madrid bombings five years ago passed through Sarajevo. The explosives used were also produced in Bosnia…”


Netop for få dage siden hilste den nyvalgte amerikanske præsident en NATO-udvidelse østover velkommen. Det russiske angreb på Georgien kom så også midt i præsidentens valgkamp, det skal siges.



17. november 2007

New Book by a Macedonian: The Coming Balkan Caliphate

 kalifatet.jpg On Tochi Percan blog we find: http://balkanpress.blogspot.com/2007/11/en-ny-bok-coming-balkan-caliphate.html

An excerpt: 

Christopher Deliso has written a book with the title The Coming Balkan Caliphate: The Great Radical Islam to Europe and the West. The writer has lived in Macedonia and have investigated the Radical Islamism on Balkan: Bosnia and Kosovo.

On Bosnien he writes:

It would not be until the watershed events of September 11, 2001, that the role of Bosnia as an incubator and catalyst for international terrorism would become impossible to ignore. This embarrassing truth had long been suppressed by the many Western diplomats, journalists, and public relations hacks who had built large fortunes and careers on protecting this myth of their own making…Preliminary to any historical debate, therefore it must be acknowledged that high-powered Washington lobbyists and much of the Western media purposefully distorted, omitted, and concealed key facts on the ground.

And on Kosovo:

Albanians, whether from Albania, Kosovo, or Macedonia, have scoffed at the idea of a major religious fundamentalist incursion in their midst. So have their Western yes-men. The West heavily backed the Kosovo Liberation Army during the NATO bombing, despite the presence of mujahedin in its ranks, and for Western publics to suspect that this cause has been muddled up with an Islamist one would amount to a public relations disaster for both Clinton-era political veterans and for the Albanians themselves. Indeed, it would call into question the entire rationale for Western intervention in Kosovo…”


Excerpt from: http://www.exilestreet.com/Columns/Gorin/20071030GorinCaliphate.html 

The Islamist cause that Deliso refers to is the prevalence of Saudi Arabia, UAE and others who have been active in the Balkans since even before Western interventions there but for whom the interventions were a major boon — and downright coup. Wahhabi groups and “charities” entice Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia with hundreds of dollars per month for every family member who adopts the strictest form of fundamentalist Islam. To that end, the Balkan landscape has been changing, not only with the new, Saudi-style mosques now dotting the formerly Christian lands, always taller than the nearest (and usually vandalized) church, but also with the increasing prevalence of Wahhabi dress and worship.

No apologist for the Serbs, Deliso engages in the standard scolding of the Serbian lobby for its alleged exaggeration of Albanian-connected terror, though he doesn’t go on to debunk any specific exaggeration. Rather, his book demonstrates a terror-laden Balkan reality beyond what even the wildest exaggeration could conceive. Among the revelations in the book is that terror-connected, Saudi-based charities were pulling at least some of the strings behind the big Kosovo pogrom of March 2004, in which 35 churches were dynamited, hundreds of Serbian homes burned, 1,000 people injured and 19 killed. Insider revelations about this episode, however, include that “19” was just the “agreed” number, with the actual death toll at more than 30 (indeed, initial, pre-damage-control reports had the number at 31). Two other unreported facts are that the rioters killed six NATO peacekeepers and slashed the throats of Serbian farmers’ pigs. Most embarrassing for UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo) authorities, reports Deliso, is that the U.S.— and UN-supported Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku’s officers “actively aided the mobs.”


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