21. april 2015


One key issue during the immigration era

If you prefer a pdf-version: http://www.lilliput-information.com/growth and immigration.pdf

Economic real growth:

Welfare must be financed either collectively through taxes or by private insurance, while the countries must be able to maintain and even develop their technological skills, because welfare funding sources originate from earnings. The value of the profitable production creates wage basis and tax basis, of which welfare can be funded either privately or collectively. There are no other sources.

More production to meet demand for consumption is the problem, it appears to be valid. More production requires more resources. Germany is not self-sufficient in energy resources, the UK is not in agricultural products and food, Norway has focused mostly on financial investments and homely infrastructure improve-ments, but invested very little of the wealth in real production outside the oil industry. What you are not self-sufficient must be purchased abroad. With economies in a near standstill, there is no solution in sight that can be exchanged enough goods and services to be able to support twice as many welfare payments and by no means 3-4 times as many as in Germany and the UK.

Real growth in Norway, Germany, UK and Denmark was respectively 0.6, 0.5, 1.7 and 0.4 per cent. in 2013. Real growth is the growth in the profitable production adjusted for inflation. In the EU28, the overall real growth of 0.1 per cent. in 2013. And in the first quarters of 2014 even real stagnation.

Can sufficient difference or margin be realized by a lower level of production, implemented production in earning companies might continue at the lower level, also in terms of employment, if the best alternative is worse. The latter is not the case when we look at the situation in most of the welfare-ridden European countries. Passive return outside the production line or production abroad may be preferable. Therefore, the purchasing power flows to private capital outside the production line or out of the country. The labor-intensive company relocate in these years, and it did not come as a surprise here in recent years. It began with the increased international competition already from the end of 1970s. US and UK took the first steps to adapt to this inevitable development.

Businesses/companies do not invest due to price margins, but due to sufficient profit-making price/cost margins. The problem is not one-dimensi-onal, but at least two and often multi-dimensional. The economic reality is that it is the manufacturers who drive the economy forward in any country, the savings are considered to be fuel in the process. Private consumption and government consumption produces nothing but maintenance of production equipment with no new initiatives, state debt (especially in a foreign dependent country like Denmark) and waste.

What consumers give out or expect from the future make no walk in the economy, but consumption maintains as men-tioned the apparatus, possibly to sleep; the second has never happened and will never happen. Sometimes we hear economics commentators report that the cost of private consumption represents so many percent of the total demand. It has no other meaning than that private consumption rises even more damage to the immediate funding problems countries face with and draining the undertakings to the capital. The country’s leaders are still of the opinion that their initiatives will work regardless it never happened.

October 1996: The 1000 major Danish companies are planning to invest 45 bill. kr. and create 50,000 jobs outside the country for the next 5 years (1997-2002), reported in the study done by Monday Morning Weekly. It was the very beginning to discouragement at home. There are worrying feature at all levels of the country’s competence pyramid. Denmark to focus on creating jobs with high knowledge content. There is no future in low-wage production and ditto jobs. They will greatly move abroad caused by globalization of markets (ie competition) , as it is impossible to protect themselves against with anything other than by trade restrictions. It was 18 years ago. Workers of free travel for work is almost entirely relevant in Europe. High-IQ immigration from Southeast Asia began to USA and UK in the 1980s, and there is no more to get.

”30 percent of school leavers do not get a professional education and training (1996). Large unemployment. Criticism of content and effect of the adult educations. Increasing criticism of the folk school results. High-tech and knowledge-intensive environments is not only created in businesses, but the basis is created in the research, vocational schools and already in the early years of teaching. Knowledge intensive jobs is an end product where the quality of what goes on in preschools and elementary school, also plays a role, and in what can be called Denmark’s competence pyramid. It beginns down at the pre-school, creches, then comes Primary school, so working without business skills training, upper secondary and vocational education, higher educa-tion, public and private research, production methods in business and finally business products” (Monday Morning Weekly wrote)

November 5, 2014 survey shows Entrepreneur Of The Year, the number of companies with strong growth in Denmark has fallen by 16 percent in one year. It’s the same companies that create new jobs.

The basic problem is that we simply have no other nature granted in Denmark to do good than salt, lime, clay, a little oil, a little gas, a little farming and beaches if we do not educate ourselves by the market and IQ dictates and provides production results of our knowledge. Everything else should be purchased abroad. But sooner than many imagine it will not do to buy raw materials and other things abroad because we have become so expensive even with our goods and even much lower educated compared to earlier when goods prices are taken into account, fewer and fewer will buy the products that come out of it from here. Denmark has simply been dormant (with a few notable exceptions in business) since the beginning of 1980s under the successive governments that have promised this and that; Unfortunately, without really knowing the consequences of what they were doing prematurely and what they did not do in time.

The real economic downturn (the lack of growth in production) due to competition on wages, other labor costs and a sea of charges, leading the labor-intensive productions away to low-wage areas or to knee and closure. Since we can not compete in the same productions with wages that are 8-10 times lower than under the Danish taxation-welfare-wage level, was a conversion of programs, productions and industries essential. This situation of wage competition will be in effect for many years to come, and the transition has been neglected the first least 35 år.The tax base is simply being eroded while the reflag and closures continue with increasing speed. In addition a dominant immigration has been accepted from high-fertile low-IQ countries/regions, of which half or less than half are suitable for training and labor: The following percentages of the foreign origins are unfit for work and education in Denmark (DK), Ty (Germany), No (Norway) and in the United Kingdom (UK):

                                                                            Percentage of foreign origin not skilled for work and education
1 January 2014 48.5 to 52.8 per cent. of all immigrants and their children in Denmark had a foreign origin in countries with less than IQ90 on average (depending on choice of birth rates in the projection model for IQ). That is, more than half are not suitable for education and work in Denmark. With IQ average of 90 or less in a group, regardless of ethnic background less than 50 per cent of the individuals in the group is suitable for education and work demonstrated by Arthur Robert Jensen (1923 to 2012). With the new projection of 6 April 2015 and proposed birth rates (CBR) of Alsagerskolen: The percentage of foreign origins with IQ less than 90 grew from 39 to 59 per cent. from 1980 to 2015 and continues steadily to 66 in 2058 and 71 per cent. in the 2072.

Government debt has to be settled at least kept strictly under control in Germany, England and Denmark, and in addition growing aging problems to become bigger and bigger throughout Europe with additional public expenditure on older upheld the approach to the working ages increasingly deteriorated due lack of births. The problem with the lack of births over Europe was created by pervasive welfare systems elitist promoters (not citizens). Since the effects of which turned out to mainly lack of population reproduction, the same responsible felt the need to consider the most fertile immigrants to come. The ideology promised just the elite that education was simply a matter to anyone who came here.

A country like Norway might make such an idea real due its oil fund and the country’s huge outstanding debts, but it did not. Every country has to create an active future, a dynamic business and educational development with demand generation and earnings purposes. Otherwise welfare can not be financed in the long run. UN warned against the taxation financed higher education with free access already known in Danish Perspective Plan II in 1974. The listed problems, Europe cannot solve at the same time by changing some of the items on the finance laws, cut a little here and there, order some more payment instruments issued and thus create nominal or only inflation growth, so the increase in production display similar to real growth, but is nothing more than nominal growth equivalent to inflation or less. This will just worsen the problems and slow down/make it impossible to do any conversion. It is the traffic that is driven so far in this country. Not only Denmark is threatened by the killing stagflation (stagnation and inflation at the same time), but also the other European countries with a few exceptions. With negative growth for three consecutive years, while the go-vernment debt increased with the increase in domestic consumption has been running and was started with the so-called financial crisis as a result. The expansion must therefore be ensured by production life to get a solution that is not tempting inflation-prone.

The production process in all its ramifications consists of a myriad of complex stages in earnings. The total combined cost of all these stages/levels of labor exceeds the cost of consumption in the traditional sense significantly. As an illustration, one could imagine the value of the total fixed capital stock gradually put into final consumption; it will only take place over several years. US consumer spending was estimated at only about 8.5 per cent producers’ cost of production factors and other producer goods already a lifetime ago. That is, almost 12 times greater than private consumption (here almost 12 if 8.5 per cent carefully assumed). What is spent on consumption – private and public – come from the production, while production comes from capital (including the cost of factors of production, in which wages would include central), as in the first part comes from savings. Therefore, it is the case that more savings the more ca-pial is formed and accumulates in order to produce, and there can then be consumed more. One could abide by the following fact: government spen-ding and private consumption do not stimulate, but drain the economy. This is true whether you find these expenses and/or consumption righteous.

EDP created international competition from the 1970s – a comparable if not similar competition upheaval in the 1800s was better prepared.

The agricultural crisis in the 1800s was in one way bigger and more important for Europe because absolute dominance of agricultural activity in the occupational structure at the time when the cheap grain from the United States, because the hard steel-manufacturing process via the bessemer method and the puddling sub-process became possible, resulting in super sturdy rails and thus just because of that far low freight rates from the US Midwest in 50-tonne trucks for disembarkkation ports. 1800s European agricultural crisis was also larger than we today might imagine, but at the same time the initiatives for the necessary restructuring changes (including for livestock production) in Denmark were taken by the farsighted/lucky leaders who began agrarian reforms in the 1700s. This time the responsible has not been willing to listen to farsighted and insightful, but guided blindly by an ideology devoid of rational sense.

Inventions promote living conditions – ideologies hinder them. 

J. E. Vig, 11 December 2014

and 6 April 2015

16. april 2015

Tysk anti-islamiseringsbevægelse søger et comeback

Tysk anti-islamiseringsbevægelse søger et comeback

af Soeren Kern • 15. April 2015

Fra: http://da.gatestoneinstitute.org/5567/tyskland-pegida-wilders “Se på alle de lande, hvor islam dominerer. Se på Saudi-Arabien, Iran, Pakistan. Ikke-muslimer, kristne, jøder, kvinder, homoseksuelle og frafaldne behandles dér som mindreværdige. De bliver ydmyget, forfulgt og endda myrdet. Det er præcist det, vi kæmper imod.” – Geert Wilders.

1025 “Vi har fået nok af den politiske korrekthed. Vi har fået nok af islamiseringen af vore samfund. Vi står for frihed, for sandheden. Fordi vi mener, at uden frihed er livet ikke værd at leve. Frihed og menneskerettigheder – det er det, vi står for.” — Geert Wilders. “Hver eneste dag hører vi det samme mantra, at islam er en fredens religion. Efter hver eneste ugerning begået i islams navn styrter Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel og min egen premierminister hen foran fjernsynskameraerne for at erklære, at disse handlinger intet har med islam at gøre. Hvor dumme tror de, vi er?” — Geert Wilders. “Kære venner, tyske patrioter, se på Israel, tag ved lære af Israel. Israel er en ø i et hav af islamisk barbari. Israel er et bavneblus af frihed og fremgang i en region præget af islamisk mørke. Israel nægter at lade sig overløbe af jihadisterne. Det burde vi også gøre.” — Geert Wilders. Det synes tydeligt, at almindelige tyskere, heriblandt dem med legitime bekymringer vedrørende spredningen af islam i deres land, tøver med at identificere sig offentligt med PEGIDA, selvom de måske privat støtter sagen. Den hollandske politiker Geert Wilders talte ved et stormøde for de tyske græsrødders anti-islamiseringsbevægelse kendt som PEGIDA i den østligt beliggende by Dresden den 13. april. PEGIDA’s arrangører håbede, at Wilders’ tilstedeværelse ville indgyde nyt liv i gruppen, efter at en nylig splittelse i ledelsen havde sået tvivl om dens fremtid. Trods et strålende vejr mødte imidlertid kun 10.000 mennesker op til begivenheden, langt færre end de 30.000 fremmødte som PEGIDA havde forventet (http://michael-mannheimer.net/2015/04/14/die-dresdner-rede-von-geert-wilders-im-wortlaut/: Etwa 20.000 Zuhörer (Medien schrieben von 10.000)). Wilders fortalte den forsamlede menneskemængde i Dresden, at der er “intet galt i at være stolte tyske patrioter. Der er intet galt i at ønske, at Tyskland forbliver frit og demokratisk. Der er intet galt i at bevare vores egen jødisk-kristne civilisation. Det er vores pligt.” Han tilføjede: “De fleste politikere, medier, kirker og akademikere ser bort fra islamiseringens trussel. De er bange. Men det er I ikke.

9. marts 2015

Naturligvis er der streng censur og masser af løgne i medierne – enkeltpersoner indrømmer

Det drejer sig simpelthen om for medierne at fange 60-70% modtagerne, så er den hjemme.

From: http://swedishsurveyor.com/2015/03/07/the-confessions-of-a-swedish-journalist/

Ann-Charlotte Marteus, a journalist for the tabloid newspaper Expressen, has in this recent article confessed that she helped build the so-called “opinion corridor” that has stifled constructive and intellectual debate on immigration whilst simultaneously ostracizing and branding innocent Swedes as racists and xenophobes..”



One more tv-newsreporter in Sweden: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/svensk-nyhedsoplaeser-siger-fra-og-forlader-lognens-scene/

BBC did the same (read at the Picture) on: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/p-c-mattiessen-og-david-coleman-bragt-begraenset-og-forsinket-lys-over-deres-egen-morklaegning-i-jp/

Eller med flere deltaljer om BBC: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/hvad-vi-hele-tiden-har-vidst-bbc-forskonner-beretningerne-om-indvandringen/

25. februar 2015


Begyndelsen til enden for Euro

Med Grækenland eventuelt efterfulgt af Italien og Spanien dette eller næste forår og nu også Frankrig, der siden 2012 ikke har indfriet sit løfte til Tyskland om at reducere underskuddet på de offentlige finanser plus udpumpningen af 8,1 billioner kroner eller 1,1 billion euro fra ECB for nylig til opkøb af nationale statsobligationer (national statsgæld) i strid med Maastricht-traktaten med samt de falske løfter i øvrigt om en såkaldt hård euro, der rent faktisk blev tydeligt nedtonet allerede fra december 1998 efter Dublin-topmødet (og rent faktisk aftalt længe forinden som Frankrigs forlangte pris for et genforenet Tyskland) og uanset den senere såkaldte ‘skolemesterpagt’ eller stabilitets- og vækstpagten, er følgende at oplyse:


Derefter kommer vi til sangen: ‘Og hvem skal nu betale?’

J. E. Vig

24. februar 2015


The 02/24/2015 Jihad Watch Daily Digest:

Sweden’s “immigrant resettlement assistants” fired for recruiting for Islamic State
By Robert Spencer on Feb 23, 2015 10:19 pm
Sweden’s “immigrant resettlement assistants” fired for recruiting for Islamic State
Hey, everyone knows that jihadis just need jobs, and then the peaceful, noble souls will lay down their Kalashnikovs and pick up their burger flippers, and these “immigrant resettlement assistants” were getting Muslims jobs — so what’s the big deal? So the job was as a warrior for the Islamic State — details, details! “Sweden’s […]
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Islamic State attacks Christian villages, captures dozens, burns churches
By Robert Spencer on Feb 23, 2015 10:04 pm
Islamic State attacks Christian villages, captures dozens, burns churches
Many people invoke the destruction of churches by the Islamic State as evidence that it is not Islamic, as the Qur’an appears to forbid such activity: “Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory. [They are] those who […]
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California: Two Muslims get 25 years for jihad plot
By Robert Spencer on Feb 23, 2015 09:38 pm
California: Two Muslims get 25 years for jihad plot
“‘This case demonstrates the need for vigilance and swift action to counter the false allure of violent extremism,’ U.S. Attorney Stephanie Yonekura said in a statement.” That allure will continue, however, since American authorities are determined to ignore and deny what makes it so alluring in the first place, rather than be honest about it […]
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Saudi Arabia: Man sentenced to death for insulting Islam, ripping Qur’an
By Robert Spencer on Feb 23, 2015 09:22 pm
Saudi Arabia: Man sentenced to death for insulting Islam, ripping Qur’an
In the enlightened West, we don’t have blasphemy laws. If someone expresses what Leftists and Islamic supremacists think of as insulting Islam here, the only thing that happens is that you’re excoriated as a racist and bigot, and shunned by all decent folk. Clearly a much more progressive way of doing things. Anyway, will any […]
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France bans six Muslims from travel to join the Islamic State
By Robert Spencer on Feb 23, 2015 09:03 pm
France bans six Muslims from travel to join the Islamic State
So what are they going to do now? What if they decide to wage jihad in France, since they’re being prevented from waging it in the Islamic State? “France bans six from travel to join ISIS,” Al Arabiya, February 23, 2015: French authorities confiscated the passports of six individuals to prevent them from travelling to […]
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20. februar 2015


Filed under: Arabization, Culture, Euro-Arabic Axis — Therese @ 10:13

Saudiarabisk lært hævder netop nu, at jorden ikke drejer om sig selv, modsat Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) …. for som den lærte saudiaraber fastholder, at såfremt jorden drejede rundt eller roterede, ville flyveturen til Kina blive af meget kortere varighed end den faktisk er, fordi jorden netop ville komme flyvemaskinen i møde:


Connie arbejder med noget lignende, noget meget, meget stort …. med menneskeskabt klima. Vi har herfra hævdet at hun alt taget i betragtning herunder sine egne grundlæggende forudsætninger inden for matematik, fysik og kemi kunne begynde med vejret. Saudierens forudsætninger ud over Koranen kender vi ikke.

Supplement: http://videnskab.dk/miljo-naturvidenskab/jakobshavn-isbrae-flygter-men-ikke-pga-global-opvarmning

18. februar 2015


Filmen Network (1976) beretter sandheden i mange henseender. Euro var kun i støbeskeen til de magtgale europæiske politikere dengang, hvorimod den Europæisk-Arabiske Dialog netop var igangsat. Hvad euro reelt skulle/nu skal bruges til skulle blive meget klart, hvis du ser filmen i den fulde længde (1:31:30). Den har kunnet hentes ind fra youtube, men kan ikke længere, hvilket viser hvor forsigtige man er med at lade sandheden tale. Men den kan nemt fås andre steder – den er ikke blevet forbudt af nogen censur.

Et par centrale trailers med Mr. Beale og Mr. Jensen. I filmen medvirker bl.a.  Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch og Robert Duvall.



10. januar 2015

Europäische Werte – Sie haben unsere Zukunft gestolen



Michael Mannheimers manifest, kommer også på engelsk: http://www.kybeline.com/2011/04/08/sensation-michael-mannheimer-ruft-wg-der-islamisierung-deutschlands-zum-allgemeinen-widerstand-des-deutschen-volkes-gemas-art-20-abs-4-gg-auf/

9. januar 2015



Der gennemførtes en ikke ganske uinteressant sammentælling af 41.260 svar på kanalen Al-Jazeera, hvor der skulle svares på fem spørgsmål fra 7. – 10. september 2006.

Det andet spørgsmål lød: “Do you support Osama bin Laden“. Uanset spørgsmålets karakter og  næsten så statistisk tendentiøst, som man kan tænke sig, var fordelingen af svar 20.601 YES (49,9%) og 20.659 NO (50,1%). At linket er fjernet er ikke overraskende.

Svaret er ikke nødvendigvis vilkårligt, selvom videnskabskravene til undersøgelsen lader meget tilbage. Særligt følgende:

  • undersøgelsens population er begrænset til besøgende på Al-Jazeeras side
  • aldersfordelingen blandt pc-brugere favouriserer unge og yngre
  • ordet “support” kan unægteligt betyde flere forskellige ting


I 1996 kom en perser til med supplerende viden – ikke tro:
“Danskerne/europæerne tager let på jihad (Hellig Krig), fordi det stemmer bedst med deres billede af livet. Men Jihad skal opfattes som alvor. Tro mig. Jeg har studeret Islam i mere end 30 år. – I øjeblikket (1996) er der ingen fare, for endnu er antallet i Danmark ikke stort. Men bliver de mange nok, skal de udføre Allahs ordre om at udbrede Islam ved sværdets magt. – Det er en obligatorisk pligt at gennemtvinge Islam som religion, livsstil og politisk lære. Det skal ske overalt i verden, hvor muslimer enten invaderer et land eller kommer til at udgøre en gruppe, der er tilstrækkeligt stor.” (slut citat af Adnan Wahab, Jyllands-Posten 8/1 1996). Adnan Wahab angiver 10 pct. som den andel, der vil give muslimer anledning til at gennemtvinge Islam i værtslandet. Adnan Wahab er advokat, bosat i Odense.

Generalsekretæren for Det Muslimske Råd Muhammed Abdul Bari i London advarer mod at dæmonisere muslimer i følge DR1-teksttv 10/9-2006. Det var efter bombningerne af det offentlige persontransportsystem i London den 7. juli 2005.

“Politifolk og medier dæmoniserer muslimer, og hvis det fortsætter, vil Storbritannien få 2 mill. muslimske terrorister, heraf 700.000 i London…”


Eksempler på modtaget materiale om indvandringsforholdene

Fra tabel 1 og tabel 2 fra udgivelsen: Desintegration und islamisscher Funtalismus, undersøgelse finansieret af Arbejds-, Sundheds- og Socialministeriet i Nordrhein Westphalen, ca. 1993:

Tabel 1: Om Overlegenhedskravet centreret om islam blandt unge tyrker i Tyskland:

Tabel 2: Om religiøst funderet voldsberedskab hos unge tyrker i Tyskland:                      


Sammenlægger vi i tabel 2 de to første procenter med halvdelen af den sidste procent fås:

Foretages en tilsvarende sammentælling af procenterne i tabel 1 fås 53-59 pct.

Fra “Das Islambild in Deutschland”, fagarbejde til skolebrug, af Marina Kleinert:http://books.google.dk/books?id=GlOmrh9zx6MC&pg=PA9&lpg=PA9&dq=bev%C3%B6lkerungsumfrage%2BIslam&source=bl&ots=vwWjcMqnen&sig=0AQoPD28VHjAWaUVXJlpW_HmOAU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=WVDIUPnqE4nGswaFpYDYCw&ved=0CFwQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=bev%C3%B6lkerungsumfrage%2BIslam&f=false :

82% af tyskerne bekymrer sig om den stærke udbredelse af Islam. 72,6% af vesttyskerne tænker ved stikordet Islam på fanatisme, blandt østtyskerne 70,5%. I Vesttyskland forbinder 82% Islam med kvindeundertrykkelse, i Østtyskland 81,1%. 60,5% af vestyskerne og 67,1% af østtyskerne forbinder Islam med voldsberedskab.

For ganske få år siden – og efter 7. juli 2005 – foretog BBC en grundig undersøgelse af forholdene i moskéerne og koranskolerne i Storbritannien med bl.a. interviews, skjulte tvoptagelser og aflytning. Det var virkelig chokerende, hvad der gik for sig.

En aktuel holdningsundersøgelse blandt muslimer og specielt blandt imamer i Danmark ville formentlig afsløre forholdene. Moskéen på Grimhøjvej i Aarhus V har længe alene stået for skud.

Vi er klar over at falder en sådan undersøgelse uheldigt ud for elitens projekt ligesom folkeskolens resultater, så skal indvandringsprojektet naturligvis fremskyndes for ikke at give elitens modstandere vind sejlene. Og præcis som den officielle politik nu endog er blevet formuleret i Sverige.

Foreslå dette indlæg til dine kontakter

Vort land vore værdier: http://www.gloria.tv/media/9UFuUcjfU3Q
Læs Eduardo Farahs ‘Europas Selvmord’i fire korte fasedele (på dansk): https://danmark.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/europas-selvmord-artikel-af-mexikansk-libanesiske-forfatter-eduardo-farah/

17. april 2014


Og her berettes ikke om børne- og familieødelæggelsen og baggrunden herfor, ikke meget om økonomi- og pengeødelæggelsen, ikke om skole- og uddannelses-ødelæggelsen, ikke om menneskeskabt klima-svindelen, men blot om én blandt disse flere bevidste ødelæggelser, masseindvandringen, der har måttet sættes værk af magthaverne for at få omdannet Vesten til en politisk korrekt eller totalitær stat efter Leo Trotskys og Islams opskrift, uden at vi når at sætte os til modværge i tide.

Vi har beskrevet det hele fra flere vinkler, men du har ikke tid til at læse alle 2.667 øvrige indlæg. Du kan ikke finde noget særligt herom på andre blogge, men du kan bruge søgemaskinen til højre i kolofonen ved at søge på ét, to eller tre af de mest betydende ord i teksten (forbundet med et + eller blot med ophold mellem ordene). Du vil efter at have læst nedenstående 15 indlæg være meget foran cirka 4,8 mill. danske, der ikke kan vælge eller har valgt ikke at blande sig, men affinder sig og/eller som tror på mainstream-medierne og de officielle informations-organer.

Det er ikke behageligt at vide besked, men vi fandt det nødvendigt for selvrespekten, nu vi havde forudsætninger derfor, at imødegå de løgne, fordrejninger og væsentlige unddragelser som vort såkaldte demokratis aktører stod for (og fortsat står for). Vi har på denne blog fra begyndelsen den 18. maj 2006 valgt at dokumentere vore oplysninger og også valgt at indrømme, hvis vi tog fejl.


1. https://danmark.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/europaeerne-rendes-over-ende-med-stoerste-hast-amerikansk-dokument/

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3. https://danmark.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/udo-ulfkotte-rejser-de-sporgsmal-i-tyskland-som-vi-ogsa-rejste-i-danmark-om-velfaerdens-slagside/

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Befolkningsregnskabet for 2013 stemmer ikke:


Folketallet steg med 24.607 (aflæst) i 2013. Forskellen på antallet af levendefødte og antallet af døde i 2013 var 3.402 (aflæst). Ergo var nettoindvandringen (forskellen på 24.607 og 3.402 = ) 21.205 i 2013. Danmarks Statistik hævder derimod, at nettoindvandringen var 28.720 i 2013 (aflæst), opgjort som ‘indvandrere’ og ‘efterkommere’. Vi mener det må være flovt at præsentere et befolknings-regnskab for landet, der ikke stemmer. Men ikke for den respektløse når ingen i offentligheden ved det.

I forarbejderne til indførelsen af ‘indvandrere- og efterkommere-begreberne’ i 1991 ser vi, hvorfor det gik galt med befolkningsopgørelserne:



Valgdeltagelse ved EPP-valget 2014 og tidligere (procent af stemmeberettigede i alt)


Chokerende lav valgdeltagelse ved EPP-valget (lavest Slovakiet: 13%, Danmark 56,4%): http://www.results-elections2014.eu/en/turnout.html

Helmuth Schmidt, Tyskland: EU er hul hovedet (på dansk): http://www.spydet.blogspot.se/2014/05/eu-hul-i-hovedet.html

Betrayal is like imagining when reality isn’t good enough, not just for hope, but for life and to live on too,

but as easily predicted Western European nations have plummeted into a cesspool of moral relativism

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