17. januar 2014

European Court Undermining British Sovereignty

European Court Undermining British Sovereignty
by Soeren Kern
January 17, 2014 at 5:00 am


The new president of the ECHR, Judge Dean Spielmann, threatened in June 2013 that if Britain did not adhere to European human rights laws, it could face being ejected from the European Union altogether.

Britain’s Lord Judge told the BBC that Judge Spielmann was claiming too much power for a body of unelected judges whose rulings could not be challenged. “This is a court which is not answerable to anybody,” he said. “My own view is: stop here.”

“The process by which democracies decline is…subtle… What happens is that they are slowly drained of what makes them democratic, by a process of internal decay and mounting indifference….” — Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption