6. juni 2013

The Return of the Cold War

“When Iran finishes arming itself, we will witness a dramatic change in the map of the Middle East, with the addition of a dangerous, murderous power that will undermine, subvert or change the orientation of the familiar power group of the United States, Europe, Russia and China.

The Arab television stations, as usual, angrily claim that the West is taking no action to end the slaughter in Syria, and at the same time they represent the Arab leaders as deep in diplomatic negotiations to end the war — while neatly hiding the mistakes, wrong moves and general inability to have the slightest effect on the horrors playing out.

As Muslims massacre each other in the Arab Spring countries, Sunni Islam finds itself in the incongruous position of expecting to be rescued by the Crusader West — the United States and the European countries these Islamists say they wish to Islamize by the sword, and to which they occasionally send terrorists to murder civilians…”

Douglas Murray: “Debating” Beheading
Shoshana Bryen: It Wasn’t an Accident

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