31. maj 2013

FOLKETÆLLING TYSKLAND: Sind 1,5 Millionen Menschen einfach verschwunden?


Eines der erstaunlichsten Ergebnisse der Volkszählung ist die neue Zahl der Bewohner des Landes. Es gibt doch Melderegister, bei einem Umzug sollte man sich ummelden. Wie kann so eine Lücke entstehen?

“Das hatten die Statistiker nicht erwartet. Um sich auf die Volkszählung vorzubereiten, hatten die Experten einen Probezensus durchgeführt. Nach der Auswertung lagen allerdings Zahlen vor, denen die Wissenschaftler zunächst nicht trauen wollten: Viele Menschen aus dem Testgebiet waren einfach verschwunden.

In den Melderegistern des Testgebiets befanden sich noch die Daten von Personen, die schon lange fortgezogen oder verstorben waren. Als die Statistiker die Testergebnisse auf ganz Deutschland hochrechneten, mussten sie sich erst einmal die Augen reiben. Demnach lebten in Deutschland 1,3 Millionen Menschen weniger als bisher angenommen.

Die heute veröffentlichten Ergebnisse der Volkszählung belegen, dass die Wissenschaftler die Zahl der Karteileichen in den Meldeämtern der Republik sogar noch unterschätzt hatten: In Deutschland leben rund 1,5 Millionen Menschen weniger als bisher angenommen. Vor allem Ausländer waren bisher anscheinend nicht korrekt erfasst: Hierzulande lebten offenbar 1,1 Millionen Ausländer weniger als zuvor vermutet…”

Muslims must reject jihad

Supplement: What the West needs to know (have igen et halvt min. tålmodighed, så skal du se hvad jeg fandt for 6 år siden – måske er det nyhedsstof for dig – hvis det er så sender du også linket videre i dag)

Serious consequences of Muslim inbreeding

“Serious consequences of Muslim inbreeding”

If they did not intermarry, fewer of them would be so stupid to believe that dying while killing non-Muslims transport them to a heavenly brothel…

“A rough estimate shows that close to half of the world’s Muslims are inbred as a result of consanguineous marriages. …

There are many studies on the intelligence effects of inbreeding among cousins. One study from Bihar, India, on Muslim children living in suburban areas, shows that while outbred offspring have an average IQ of 95, inbred children have an average IQ of 79, which puts them in category of people with “low intelligence” having special needs in schools, difficulty handling simple job tasks and completing a basic education. The study also shows the social profiles like visual fixation, social smile, sound seizures, oral expression and hand grasping are significantly delayed among the newborn inbred babies. A decrease in the ability to understand and react to social interaction is known to have a negative influence on children’s development, including social skills and empathy, later in life.”

Experts: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable

The scary truth: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4385024,00.html

“According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, European softening, together with demographics, is leading to ‘abysmal’ change. Dr. Avika Libman: Riots start with preachers demanding Muslim state

The murder of a soldier in London, the stabbing of a soldier in Paris and the violent outbreak in Sweden – Europe’s alarm clock has been ringing once again over the past week. The negative birthrate compared to the increase in Muslims, the heavy unemployment and the social-religious isolation of European immigrants are all back on the agenda.

‘Europe has lost its will to live as Europe,”‘said Mideast expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar to Ynet. ‘It is gathered into museums, into history. If the leaders will not put an end to immigration, we will soon be hearing the death throes of the continent as we know it.’ …

Dr. Kedar claimed that this is a process known in advance, ending with the disintegration of Europe in its current state. ‘It is all a result of a European softening, which the Muslims see as a weakness, as if they received Europe in their hands for free.’

2 out of 3 white Britons expect a conflict between the West and Islam

2 out of 3 white Britons expect a conflict between the West and Islam
The majority expect civil war or even a Third World War. But a majority is also still voting for parties that keep the borders open to Islam… And EU is happy to help doing exactly that.

“Nearly two-thirds of people believe there will be a ‘clash of civilisations’ between British Muslims and white Britons … The number of those who believe such a clash is inevitable has increased by 9% from last year.

There has also been a small increase in the proportion of people who believe British Muslims pose a serious threat to democracy, up to 34% on Thursday and Friday from 30% in November 2012, according to the YouGov survey of 1,839 adults.”

Hvis du vil vide noget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krvCQbzPKiI (hav 1/2 min. tålmodighed)

Italien sender afrikanere videre med 500 euro til at tage til Tyskland for


“Omkring 300 afrikanske såkaldte flygtninge der har ophold bag Hamburgs Bismarck monoment har oplyst at de har modtaget 500 euro af den italienske regering for at tage til Tyskland. Myndighederne er usikre på hvad de skal gøre, da de ikke nogen plads eller nogen penge”

Når de danske medier fortier og fordrejer herom, som de bl.a gør på TTV, er det den sædvandlige dødbringende politiske korrekthed med alene informationerne ‘velfriserede’, som de har kørt med de seneste 20 år.