20. maj 2013

Fremtidige russiske strategiske udfordringer

Future Russian Strategic Challenges

by Peter Huessy and Mark B. Schneider May 20, 2013 at 5:00 am


“The current administration is in a poor position to negotiate with Russia. There are press reports that the administration will attempt to evade Congressional approval of a new arms control agreement.

Russia clearly represents an increasingly serious strategic challenge. Russia has steadily become more anti-democratic and hostile to the US. The Kremlin encourages nationalism; Alexei Kudrin, Russian Finance Minister until September 2011, has noted: “Xenophobia is widespread” in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin is militarizing the country; his regime voices “anti-Western rhetoric,” and “a sizeable number of Russians…see neighboring countries as part of our zone of influence.” Russia’s nuclear weapons policy doubtless derives from these views.

Russia reserves the right, in conventional war, of first use of nuclear weapons, which they amazingly characterize as “de-escalation” of the conflict. In December 2012, the National Intelligence Council, stated, “Nuclear ambitions in the US and Russia over the last 20 years have evolved in opposite directions. Reducing the role of nuclear weapons in US security strategy is a US objective, while Russia is pursuing new concepts and capabilities for expanding the role of nuclear weapons in its security strategy…”

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