28. januar 2012



“…In Germany, for example, Muslim men have successfully used the Sharia law in court to defend their right to beat their wives and to practice polygamy.

In United Kingdom, where Islamic imams now outnumber Christian pastors and converting empty church buildings into mosques has become a cottage industry, the Archbishop of Canterbury – the leader of the Church of England – recently stated that adopting elements of the Sharia law into the English judicial system was “unavoidable”.

In France, home to an estimated 14 million Muslims, including 9 million illegal immigrants, the government no longer controls the banlieus, the densely-populated, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most major French cities.

It is still legal in France to distribute Bibles and tracts but doing so in the banlieus, where the French police seldom enter, invites mob violence, and even the legality is expected to end by 2040 when France is projected to become a majority-Muslim nation (The Netherlands will become Western Europe’s first majority-Muslim nation by 2015). Sharia is also gaining in North America…”


Vi venter bl.a. at kvinderne skal bevise deres uskyld i forbindelse med anklager for utroskab i fremtidens Tyskland. Og vi ser at Holland som det første land har muslimsk majoritet i 2015. Det stemmer med vore beregninger.

Filmen “The Stoning Of Soraya M.” udspilles i Iran. Her er et resumé og et interview med hovedrolleindehaveren. Hele filmen, 1. del og 2. del finder den opfindsomme selv. Det er ikke så svært: