16. maj 2011

White America’s collapsing birth rate is changing the face of the country

White America’s collapsing birth rate is changing the face of the country

Excerpt from: http://www.economist.com/node/18488452?story_id=18488452&CFID=160885396&CFTOKEN=18996492

Mar 31st 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC

“AMONG America’s three-year-olds, a revolution is afoot. Children of
that age are turning the country’s demographics on its head.
According to a recent study from the Census Bureau, the majority of
them are now from groups normally considered minorities, chiefly
Hispanics and blacks. The latest release of data from last year’s
decennial census confirms that whites still constitute a slender
majority, 54%, of those under 18, and a larger one, 64%, of the
population as a whole. But America’s transformation into a much
browner, more suburban, more southern and western place is rapid and

Over the past decade America’s population has grown by 9.7%, to
309m. Minorities accounted for 92% of that growth. The ranks of
Hispanics swelled by 43%, to 51m. The Asian population grew at the
same rate, to 15m. Blacks increased in number by 11%, to 38m. All
minority groups put together jumped by 29%, to 112m. Minorities now
form the majority in America’s two most-populous states, California
and Texas, as well as in Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington, DC. They
account for the majority of children in six more: Arizona, Florida,
Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi and Nevada. And their numbers are
growing particularly fast in previously lily-white places such as
Iowa and New Hampshire…”

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