2. februar 2010


Shall you ever get enough – I think so

30 percent of social workers and so-called case workers have been threatened or attacked, then we obviously have some more uttered to advise and handler futile.

Crimes against these and other vulnerable groups should not be recorded properly

When police officers in gang cities – the five largest – and a couple of threatened in their homes, their cars and outbuildings burned, and their whereabouts limited so we obviously have some more to the band.

When 40 percent of welfare benefits went to non-western immigrants in the late 2005, so of course we must make sure that not less than 50 percent of the welfare is transferred to the group in 2010.

When the violence and the number of homicides and attempted homicides rise sharply, then the number of these offenses, of course, must grow explosively instead. Home Robberies rose in such numbers, 2006-2009: 16-23-56-more than 100, and so they  must increase even wilder year by year, of course, increased further and further.

5 times more murders and attempted murders in a 20-years period from 1985 to 2005, although the ethnic Danish population during the same period went back with nearly 300,000. During the same period the number of alien immigrants, however, increased by a factor of 10. 1967-2005, e.g. in 38 years the number of murders and attempted murders have increased by 644% or 6.4 times. From 1967-2008: increased 7.53 times.

Juvenile crime:

The person dangerous crime, as 10-14 year olds registered suspected for: There is an increase of 261 percent over a 7-year period 2000 — 2007, more than double but less than a tripling. The person dangerous crime, as 15-17 year olds registered suspected for: There is increase of 179 percent over 6 years of 2000-2006,
So almost a doubling.

If the idea of one or more reasons were to fall, for example. Somalis in Denmark, then you obviously know that 10,087 Somalis have been granted Danish citizenship in the period 1979-2008, including 1593 in period 2001-2008. They are obviously fewer and fewer when there comes more by immigration and births, than in this exchange and appropriate payment (per kr.1000. nose) turned into ‘Danes’. And you should also know that these numbers obviously have to get up the next 7 years, it is about growth.

When there was someone who could predict what others was not able to discover the first 20 years despite adequate information thereon in all years, and again others who never saw it, was not even susceptible to information, then it is the latter who at most have a full understanding and track and therefore can and should decide most.

They control the country:

DR 9th February 2009: “In all, 7 Danes have been convicted of terrorism and none of those convicted or accused is added from outside. Some are born in Denmark – others have grown up in this country and has acquired Danish nationality … ”

DR: theory: “The rest are neither born nor immigrated” Unfortunately, our logical conclusion.

‘Danish terror against asylum children – reverse torture – is widespread in practice’.

The Danes have only a theoretical relationship or no relationship to other terrorism, and it characterizes their position on the course terrorism.

One of the most well-informed by its ultimate last appearance on TV around 1991 as noted on the typical control male (M / F):

“Even with a curved knife in the belly he will stammer out one last ideological cliché, because ideology is his life. ”

An example of a naive Dane, whose brains are eaten up by ideology

The rest who are not interested in ideology – including their own unconscious influence them – has heard of terrorism and seen it on TV,
perhaps read about terrorism on a blog in a book or a newspaper.

When we in this argument insists that it officially comes to growth all the way around, it’s because we want to see in black and white around the 12th February, the influx continues full game without that in truth is no shift in the composition of immigrater we otherwise have heard repeated many times in the first half of 2009 – it is as long too late.