12. januar 2010

Kukurene fra Schweiz gaar og slaar praecis

Tuesday, 8 December 2009
Excerpt: http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_display.cfm/blog_id/24594

“How Can the Building of Minarets Be Banned…? Switzerland Does Not Have Any Culture or History”

Swiss Ban on Building Minarets Discussed on Egyptian TV: Switzerland Does Not Have Any Culture or History

“Sheik Fikri Hassan: “Switzerland Has No Culture And No History”

Watch,and listen, here (editor: this link does not work) to Sheik Fikri Hassan.

A few observations on this short but telling clip:

1) “Switzerland has no culture and no history.”

In the Muslim view, nothing outside Islam has significance except in relation to Islam. . No non-Islamic country has a “culture” or a “history” worth anytjhiing. Once conquered, non-Muslim peoples are taught by their Muslim masters that what came before Islam was mere Jahiliya, a Time of Ignorance (see, for example, India and how the British made possible the rediscovery and recovery of India’s pre-Islamic past)

2) “Democracy is a dam against Islam”

Democracy is un-Islamic, and democracy in action — the Swiss referendum on mosques, is a “dam” — that is a “dam” that prevents the flow of the river of Islam, is an obstacle to the spread and the dominance, of Islam. And it is the duty, and the right, of all Muslims everywhere to remove all obstacles to the spread, and the dominance, of Islam.

-a “dam,” that is an obstacle to the spread, and dominance, of Islam.

3) “The Zionists.”..”

Swiss Precision: