9. juli 2009

The ritual slap on the back of the neck – dhimmi internationale aar 2008

Source: The gala event of the year: the Jihad Watch Awards banquet! på Jihad Watch om den årlige utdelingen av Dhimmiprisen.

Dhimmi Internationale 2008…ROWAN






The Archbishop of Canterbury comes forward in full regalia — but what’s this? In honor of his call for Sharia law for Muslims in Britain, Williams has brought with him several members of the British Muslim community. And they’re — they’re — yes, that’s right! They’re fitting him with the cloth belt, the zunnar, that dhimmis wore in some of the great Islamic empires of the past to make sure they were not mistaken for Muslims and greeted with “Peace be upon you”! And now — what’s he doing? He’s taking out his billfold! He’s — he’s paying the jizya! And they’re graciously accepting his payment with the ritual slap on the back of the neck as specified by the Islamic scholar Zamakhshari!

Når en dhimmi betaler jizya så skal han i all ydmykhet knele for muslimen som mottar beskyttelsesskatten. Den muslimske jizya-oppkreveren skal da gi dhimmien en klapp over nakken. Som en påminnelse til dhimmien at han skal vaere er underdanig og samtidig minne ham om den straff som venter ham (halshugging) dersom han (dhimmien) ikke oppfyller sine forpliktelser?

Hvordan denne praksisen oppstod beskrives bl.a. her.