19. april 2009

Tredje hellige krig

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Graphic illustration of the difference between the second best and the best projection and perhaps a little video to make it slip into you brain

Why be modest when you have proven you are right

The graphic illustration of the difference:

Excerpt from:
Europe in the twilight of its demographics
J. L. – 1.12. 2008

“Now the reader should see the film ‘The Third Jihad’ (Trinity, 2008). It is bothering, no doubt, but the situation in the USA is still several dimensions better than in Europe. In an interview with Mark Steyn commenting the general conviction that the Muslims in Europe ‘are so few, only some percent of the population’, he says: “Many people think it will ‘take centuries’ for them to become majorities”, there is shown the likely demographic devel­opment of Muslims and non-Muslims calculated for France’s actual fertility rates of 1.4 vs. 3.8…” :


(Excerpt continued)
“The result may surprise the optimist: The break even point is reached before the end of our century – around 2087. And this is merely a calculation on the basis of the demographic reproduction rates, not even considering (1) the ongoing family reuniting, (2) continuous further immigration, (3) the illegal immigrants of today (suppos­edly millions), (4) continuous illegal immigration, (5) repeated amnesties for hidden immigrants (as a strong motivation for trafficking of asylum seekers), (6) the fact that Muslim fertility could be increased deliberately as conscious means of politics (already outspoken by many Muslim leaders), (7) increasing emigration of endogen­ous Europeans (which already has begun in several countries), and (8) that political decisions during their grow­ing democratic power could lower the obstacles for Muslim immigration or even facilitate it (e.g., the EU-Africa commitments of the EU-Mediterranean ‘Barcelona Process’ etc.). All these powerful factors included, a better demographic simulation than the one above could result in a much more bothering timeline…”

But I’am afraid the truth is it dismantles 40-50 p.c. quicker than even J. L. imagined or calculated 1.12.2008, especially if you look critically at the official figures as we certainly did last summer in order to come closest to the truth. Our three alternative rising curves then begin a little higher on the y-axis, because we naturally have corrected til startingpoint i.e. made a corrected realistic population balanced sheet before we projected the groups of population, but our curves do not even rise as fast as does those refered to or calculated by J.  L. 1.12.2008. And even then the three rising curves intersect with the falling curve at least 40 year earlier:

It comes to an end with Europe sooner than you think

‘Some will certainly contradict us persistently and perhaps one might even point out that the first diagram concerns France, the second Denmark. But does this really matter when I tell you that France might come first.’

Graphic projection 2008

Now I would prefered some video – all in good time


I dansk og engelsk version : Danish official Information is not OK


A Danish and an English version below:

Kvinder i Østrig: Kortfattet version om østrigske kvinder og deres fødsler

Officielt melder Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, at Østrig ved udgangen af 2004 havde 16,6% ikke-østrigere i landet. Blandt disse ikke-østrigere medregnes ikke naturaliserede, der er født af indvandrere i Østrig og ej heller børnebørn af indvandrere. D.v.s. at 16,6% skal være en hel del højere, hvis vi går efter antallet af indbyggere af fremmed herkomst i Østrig. Desuden er der sket en nettotilstrømning siden 2004. Dertil kommer et forholdvis stabilt og mindre antal vestlige, der naturligvis skal fratrækkes.

Det officielle antal udenlandske statsborgere i Østrig udgjorde ved udgangen af 2004 9,6%, får vi oplyst af samme kilde.

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research oplyser endvidere, at den samlede eller den totale fertilitet blandt kvinder i Østrig er 1,4 barn, som i øvrigt har ligget vedvarende stabilt siden midten af 1980erne. Eurostat (EU’s statistikenhed) oplyste i 2004 at den totale fertilitet i Østrig var 1,42. I 2005 oplyste CIA at den totale fertilitet i Østrig udgjorde 1,36. Vi ved at indvandrerkvinder fra Sydasien, Mellemøsten og Afrika føder 3-4 børn i gennemsnit pr. kvinde, d.v.s. en etnisk fertilitet på fra 3 til 4. For at den samlede fertilitet i landet kan ende på 1,4, har en vis andel fremmede kvinder bidraget med fødsler og vis andel østrigske kvinder bidraget med andre fødsler.

Da der er en sammenhæng mellem de fødende kvinders andel, befolkningsandelen, fertiliteten blandt de fødende kvinder og den samlede fertilitet, kan vi herefter cirkaberegne eller estimere fertiliteten blandt østrigske kvinder til omkring 1 barn, når vi netop får oplyst om andelen af ikke-østrigere (>16,6%) og om den samlede fertilitet i Østrig (1,4 barn). Austrian women give birth to about 1 child in average like the Germans.

Absolut ingen af de resultater vi når frem til på dette grundlag harmonerer på nogen måde med de officielle oplysninger vi får om danske demografiske forhold.

Oplysningerne om Østrig stammer fra Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, og de oplysninger (andre end de officielle) om danske, demografiske eller om øvrige europæiske, demografiske forhold, der stemmer overens med de netop her meddelte om østrigske forhold, stammer fra Information om Danmark.

Officielle, tilforladelige version 

Udregningsprægede del af afsløringen med brug af de officielle østrigske oplysninger

 Europa rendes over ende hurtigere end du tror


Women in Austria: Brief version about Austrian women and their fertility

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports officially that Austria had 16.6% non-Austrians in the country ultimo 2004. Those non-Austrians do not include naturalized who are born by immigrants in Austria and not grandchildren of immigrants either. This implies that 16.6% has to be even higher, if we intend to count the percentage of inhabitants of foreign origine in Austria. In addition the net influx has increased the number further since 2004. A relatively stable and minor number of Westeners has to be subtracted.

The official number of foreign citizens in Austria amounted to 9.6% ultimo 2004, we are informed by the same source.

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports further that the total fertility among women is 1.4 child in Austria , and this number has been persistently stable since the midd 1980s. Eurostat (the Statical Bureau of EU) reported in 2004 that total fertility in Austria was 1.42. In 2005 CIA reported the total fertility in Austria was 1.36. We know immigrant women from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa give birth to 3-4 children in average. The foreign ethnic fertilty is then 3 to 4 in average. For the total fertility to end up at 1.4 in the country a certain percentage of foreign women has contributed to the births, and a another certain percentage of Austrian women has to give other child-births.

As there is a coherence between the percentage of birth-giving women, percentage of population, the fertility among the birth-giving women and the total fertility, it is possible to calculate/estimate the fertility to about 1 child among Austrian women, when we have information about the percentage of non-Austrian (>16.6%) and about the total fertility in Austria (1.4 child).

Absolutely none of the results we get on this basic harmonize in any way to any degree with the official information we get about Danish Demografic relations.

The information on Austria originate from Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, and the information (different from the official one) about Danish Demografic relations or about other European Demografic relations that matches the present reported information about Austria, originate from Information of Denmark

Official reliable version

Calculating version with the exposure using the official Austrian information approved by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Grafic illustration of the difference between the second best and the best projection

It comes to an end with Europe soner than you think

J. E. Vig, 19. april 2009



A Demographic Tsunami

“A Demographic Tsunami”



“Joachim Véliocas‘ website Islamisation focuses on Eric Zemmour, a rarity among rarities: a journalist who speaks openly about Islam, race, immigration, the harmful consequences of the feminist movement, and other taboo subjects. Zemmour, who writes for Le Figaro, also appears regularly on French television where he often engages his adversaries in heated dialogue. In a recent interview in the monthly magazine Le Choc du Mois (not available online) Zemmour spoke of immigration:

Eric Zemmour, questioned exclusively on the phenomenon of migrations and their consequences, was not afraid to aff­irm: “What is happening is a demographic tsunami.” He also revealed the confidential remarks of a minister, unnam­ed, who confided in him that “We are witnessing the end of the Roman Empire.” “