7. maj 2008

Sharia in Europe


Extract from: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/vidino-stakelbeck200312030840.asp (2003)


“The Western world has grown accustomed to hearing about the brutalities of Islamic law. However, these primitive practices are no longer limited to the remote tribal areas of Pakistan, the backward kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or oppressive, mullah-dominated Iran. Today, thanks in large part to a massive flow of immigration from Muslim countries, sharia law and medieval customs are becoming increasingly common in the heart of Christian Europe…”

Extract from: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/category/europe/

“…In the “a picture is worth a thousand words” category, Newsweek has apparently tried to take disrespect for America a few steps further than TIME magazine did a few weeks ago. In doing so, Newsweek uses a rear view of the Statue of Liberty as well as a “USA #2″ image to signify their view of America’s decline…”

Extract from: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/sharia-compliant-hotels-to-grow/

“What is a sharia compliant hotel anyway? Do they have special wife-beating rooms? Free stones to punish your wife when she’s bad? Separate beds for each wife? No doubt bacon won’t be on the menu.

Whatever they are, apparently they are planning significant growth thanks to all the U.S. petro dollars. It takes dhimmi, infidel consultants to plan the financing and development however.

New move on Sharia-compliant hotel chain…”

Extract from: http://www.epp-ed.eu/Press/peve07/eve033_en.asp

“Renate Sommer MEP (Germany), Vice-Chairwoman of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, organised a hearing called ‘Sharia in Europe?’ The hearing investigated the subject of Islamic Sharia law and its confrontation with the EU Member States’ legal systems. The issue of women’s rights and gender equality were highlighted…”



Saa mangler vi kun shariaen – aanden og aktoererne har vi

Uddrag af: http://avisen.dk/sabba-blive-danmarks-foerste-dommer-toerklaede-060508.aspx


“Danmarks – måske – første muslimske dommer. Iklædt tørklæde.
Sabba Mirza er 25 år. Hun læser jura og har et studiejob hos de danske domstoles øverste myndighed, Domstolsstyrelsen.
Om et par år søger hun sit første job som dommerfuldmægtig, der er en slags dommer under uddannelse.
Hun har kun ét mål med juraen: Hun vil være dommer. Og det bliver med tørklæde. Ellers bliver det slet ikke.
– Mit tørklæde er en del af den livsstil, som jeg har valgt at føre. Det vejer tungere end min karriere. Hvis jeg ikke kan få job i Danmark, må jeg flytte til et land, hvor folk er mere oplyste og kan se ud over tørklædet, siger Sabba Mirza.


Sharia i Tåstrup