28. november 2007

Habermas tager bladet fra munden

Uddrag fra: http://kommentar.weblog.dk/2007/11/28/habermas-tager-bladet-fra-munden/

“I fredags gav Tysklands kendteste og vel også betydeligste filosof Jürgen Habermas udtryk for sin fortvivlelse over sendrægtigheden i EU, som verden og vi har mere brug for end nogensinde…”


“Habermas er så nedtrykt over den tiltagende europæiske nationalisme, over den manglende integration af fremmede kulturer i Europa og over vores afmagt over for vor tids måske største katastrofe, den fremadskridende udhuling af menneskeværdige sociale standarder, at han i fredags gik så demonstrativt vidt, at han endte med at sætte sin sidste lid til det ældste demokrati på kloden, hvis der overhovedet skal udvikles, hvad Habermas kalder “en verdensindenrigspolitik”…”


Om “68-generationens forlygte”, nu placeret i en af EU’s tænketanke, supplement: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/08/21/ringen-er-sluttet-2#ha

Friday We Got What We Deserve

Excerpt from: http://www.vdare.com/pb/eu.htm

QUOTATION: “BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) – The European Union should admit up to 75 million immigrants over the next 50 years and be prepared to become a racially hybrid society, according to a paper to be discussed at an EU ministerial meeting on Friday.” END OF QUOTATION

That’s a real government saying this as policy. They are doing it. They are doing it after the attacks in Malmo, London, Madrid, the car burnings in France, etc.

We know Denmark still has a reservation to EU immigration policy, but we also know the precise effects of Schengen, and what the next step will be when it comes to referendum.

THANK YOU SO MUCH …for killing us.


Low on the Agenda in USA, High on the Agenda in EU

Some of what happened after the exposure with

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Tech Central Station Bio – Reiter

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Documentary)

International Herald Tribune 1/11/07
as reprinted on Paul Driessen’s EcoImperialism.com

Financial Post (Canada) 04/06/06
Open Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The EU-View:

Let the Bali Eurospin Begin
November 28, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas gave a press conference to claim victory where there is none, which message was picked up by the home-grown press and doubtless to be recycled at the upcoming talks in Bali, and reminding us more than any other issue “climate change” statements out of Europe require parsing.

Global Warming Well Down List of Issues, Even for Democrats
November 27, 2007| Iain Murray, CEI
It is often suggested that global warming and/or the environment is becoming more important in deciding how Americans vote. The latest poll figures, from the Washington Post and ABC News, suggest that for Democrats in the crucial state of Iowa, that is far from the case.

EU Claims Perfect Accounting (Whatever Its Auditors Might Say)
November 27, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
The European Commission’s reply–“Any allegation that there would have been double counting is pertinently incorrect.”


Jordens klima paavirkes af eksploderede stjerner

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“Den kosmiske stråling har stor betydning”
Fra: http://www.rumcenter.dk/forskning/jordens-klima-pavirkes-af-eksploderede-stjerner/

“Jordens klima påvirkes af eksploderede stjerner

En forskergruppe på Danmarks Rumcenter i København har påvist, at kosmisk stråling fra eksploderede stjerner kan påvirke dannelsen af skyer omkring Jorden – og dermed klodens klima.
Stråling fra eksploderede stjerner langt borte i Mælkevejen er med til at bestemme, hvor mange skyer, der svæver rundt i Jordens atmosfære. Nye eksperimentelle resultater fra forskning udført på Danmarks Rumcenter påviser for første gang, hvordan den kosmiske stråling fremmer de processer, der danner skyer i atmosfæren. Dermed er en afgørende brik i teorien om, hvordan den kosmiske stråling kan påvirke klimaet på Jorden, faldet på plads…”

Udgives online i “Proceedings of the Royal Society A”, 3. oktober 2007
Titel: ‘Experimental Evidence for the role of Ions in Particle Nucleation under Atmospheric Conditions’.
Forfattere: Henrik Svensmark, Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen, Nigel Marsh, Martin Enghoff og Ulrik Uggerhøj.

28/11 2007

Europæisk rumlaboratorium klar til opsendelse

Det europæiske rumlaboratorium Columbus, der skal bære et dansk klima-eksperiment, sendes op til den internationale rumstation d. 6. december 2007


Nu vil Connie styre Solen

Solen styrer klimaet, ikke menneskeskabt CO2. Derfor må Connie nu til at styre Solen for at få de greenhouse-gases reduceret med 8 pct.


Hvordan illusionen blev sat i gang i 1960-erne


Forbyd muslimske friskoler

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Forbyd muslimske friskoler

Den hollandsk-somaliske forfatter og islamkritiker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, opfordrer nu til et generelt forbud mod muslimske friskoler i Danmark.

Dermed ligger hun på linje med Københavns integrationsborgmester Jakob Hougaard (S), der skød diskussionen om et forbud mod religiøse friskoler i gang forleden.


Ideology has replaced Reality

Ideology has replaced reality – and very soon you shall have an example of an ideological end in Denmark

– Even the news make distance to reality and misses their contents

07/17/2007 on http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1195 Fjordman claimed as following:

“American military historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson http://www.victorhanson.com/ talks about how mass immigration is the product of a de facto alliance between the Libertarian Right and the Multicultural Left. The economic Libertarians can be represented by Swedish writer Johan Norberg, author of the book In Defence of Global Capitalism. Norberg can have valuable insights into the flaws of the Scandinavian welfare state model. However, his commitment to a “free market, open border” ideology blinds him to the threat posed by Muslim immigration, an ideological blind spot that is almost as big as the ones we find in Marxists. According to him, “at the moment there is a problem. The right supports one part of globalisation — the free movement of capital and goods – while the left tends to support another part, the free movement of people.”

An ideologist as you here see Fjordman does certainly not understand reality; or it is simply not his intentions to do so as far as I can judge. In a Libetarian’s limited vector-space of a certain number of variables culture and religion for example may have no impacts on the teoretical model – mostly because they have not found suitable ways to measure the possible teoretically impacts from religion and culture in a meaningful way. For example reality then has been drawn psychedelically in the model, and thereby perhaps it replaces real life, but this does not matter, as long the model of life definitely has priority one. And that is the point: Next to perhaps the well-being of the ideological followers, death (to the dissidents) gets priority number two.

Take welfare as an explicit example from reality today but evolved/developed from an pure ideological concept by substituting wealth for welfare:

You cannot talk about a taxfinanced welfare in a society without allowing fertility to drop, and as an implication of this also accept the distribution of ages to change, if you base your model of more than 1-2 generations. The selfishness in the ideological top https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/top-and-buttom/ has been described, and don’t ever believe this selfishness range at a lower priority than one. It is easy to make another priority in the model of life, but it is impossible to go on for more two generations on ideological agenda in reality once it has stepped into reality. Basicly because man is involved.

All ideologies have the same ends in both theory and reality: Joined happiness for the camp followers and death to the dissidents. All ideologists Fjordman included are bound to express their potential warnings against things they have not understood themselves, because they do not allow logic to enter before ideology. You could with Soeren Kierkegaard claim essense before existense to correct them.

Islam, a lot of Libertarians and a lot of multicultural Internationalists are still on that same lime twig.

‘Liberalists’ lost – ‘internationalists’ won‘

On ideology and why it goes wrong

J. E. Vig, 28. november 2007