26. november 2007

Drawing illustrates the way back to reality without a war

Back to reality

Dansk version

Most of the European welfare systems are to a very high degree built on tax-payments and public expenditures distributed over the lifetime – the Danish almost entirely. That’s the reason why they were heading for ruin from beginning in 1970s. In Denmark the non-Western immigrants cost the society, in the end the businesses 2.5 mio. ddk a individual in average a lifetime, the Danes cost 750,000 ddk in average (the difference is a factor 3.3). These calculations originate directly from the Danish official Welfare Commission that was reported in the newspaper Boersen 1 December 2005.

Let the green oval illustrate the Danish public sector, and the blue the private, free trading sector in the drawing below.

As matters stand in Denmark it is impossible to force the development from the upper to lower structural relation of sector sizes, because the public sector drains the possibilities of private sector too much to make innovation and expansion along with all the other costs. If we continues to demand a public sector of size almost as at present in the long, there has to be a temporary reduction of the public sector.

There are no other possibilities and the international competition forces us to act today instead of tomorrow or we shall loose every public impact.

The red arrow indicates the impossible choise or the ideological way. The black arrow shows the possible way. There is no other way. If the structures are not changed very soon in the two biggest European nations on the European mainland, and even if international competition combined with the steadily increasing problem of financing welfare made by the increasing share of pensioners and at the same time the decreasing accession to the labour force plus the self-created miss of a solution to the problem with missing European fertility substituted by Middle East fertility and immigration – with the results illustrated in the calculation on Danish relations in the first part – Europe will go bankruptcy again or become an Arab caliphate. ‘Eurabia’ is just an ideological construction with a unwanted distance to reality enjoyed for a short time by the European Elite.

Until now they have chosen to lie about matters and surrender to Arabic oil countries and/or face another war. The more years the solution is postponed the bigger the collapse. It is pure mathematic.


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