8. november 2007

EU laver nu Blue Card som modstykke til USA’s Green Card

From: http://www.europeanunionbluecard.com/?p=13 

“…EU officials have unveiled a plan to help member countries fill the growing need for skilled employees. The plan envisages a ‘Blue Card’ system analogous to the US’s Green Card system to make Europe more attractive for professionals.

Representatives of the European Commission in Strasbourg unveiled a “Blue Card” fast-track migration program Tuesday as an attempt to allow skilled workers from outside the European Union to overcome immigration hurdles more easily.

“We are not good enough at attracting highly skilled people,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said at a press conference called for the plan’s release.

Possessing an European Union-wide work permit would allow skilled workers – including medical professionals, engineers, IT specialists and other highly qualified workers – to get work permits, move among the EU countries and obtain long-term residency status more easily and quickly, according to the proposal. “Highly qualified” was defined as having a university degree and three years of relevant experience…”


“To be eligible to receive a “Blue Card” a migrant would have to have a contract for at least one year for a job with a salary at least three times – or, for candidates under 30, two times – the minimum wage in that country and health insurance. To offer the job to an immigrant, employers will be obliged to show that the job could not be filled by an EU citizen…”


We must inform you that the young qualified workforce turned towards England and USA from the beginning of the 1980s.

When green card with substantial tax-reduction for three years has been tried without any succes in Denmark can you then tell me if the blue card without tax-reduction will have any effect?: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/05/danmark-green-card-ordning-i-usa-burde-give-erfaringer/



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