21. august 2007

Sweden has been called a welfare state, but what about wealth?

Sweden has been called a welfare state, but what about wealth?


The Swedes are poor compared with other Westernes. For almost two generations we heard about the welfare system, but when it comes to money or avaible capital they have not much. This means that Sweden hit the bottom in international comparisons.  

8 of 10 Swedes misses their own wealth – when you exclude capital in real estate. A similar statistic is found in Luxemburg Wealth Study

It shows that the Finnish neighbors are twice as rich. The Englishmen’s

fortune is in average 4 times bigger and Italians 7 times bigger.

It is discouraging figures to read.

According to the economist Dick Kling, Timbro Publishing:

“Every second Swede are proletarian in the original meaning of the word”.

So-called saved capital in Sweden is mostly saved collectively, via state, businesses, AP-

foundations and different pension-funds. 



Almost two generations of welfare

Will or can the tax-based welfare systems be re-arranged

But will the power brokers take the consequence of this?

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  2. Socialdemokratiets mål (også det svenske) er en socialistisk stat. Det her er vel bare endnu et udtryk for, at det er de nået langt med i Sverige.

    Kommentar af AN — 21. august 2007 @ 09:04

  3. Præcis

    Kommentar af Sonia — 21. august 2007 @ 09:32

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