4. marts 2007

Fascists Combined with Death Cult Devotees and Camp Followers of the Media are the ingredents in the Coctail

Fires in the streets, burning cars, smashed shops and stores and destroyed schools – Christianshavns Gymnasium and another school i Hjörring. I would say: certainly not typically Danish. 

The media abroad are astonished.

But why, it’s just like Paris and Lyon.

Responsibility: The authorities let the youngsters occupy a house belonging to somebody else for years in order to give them false expectations. The authorities let Copenhagen be overswamped by officially 30 p.c. youngsters – less than 18 years old descendants of immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa  – in reality even a much bigger percentage.

Please, don’t establish an useless investigation-group for research to find out this time.

I have just told you the truth.  

Shortest formulation: Figureheads are lying