29. november 2006

A book of atmost importance

From Bruce Bawer’s site: 

“A book of the utmost importance, full of deep concern for Europe and almost unbelievable revelations for most Americans.”
— Booklist

Europeans would do well to heed Mr. Bawer’s advice and open their eyes.”

— Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League

http://www.brucebawer.com/   Book-title: 

“While Europe Slept – How Radical

Islam Is Destroying the West From


He documents that the 40 p.c. of the muslims in Britain crave for sharia.
Order his book. You know for sure it will not be translated to any Nordic language like books on the most topical issue as well. Books cost 5-8 times less in Britain than in Denmark.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog by accident.
    What kind of drummed-up claptrap is this?

    Firstly: your claim that 40% of Muslims in the UK want Sharia law implemented is completely meaningless without a very close definition of what is meant by Sharia in this context. Like “Jihad”, Sharia is an extremely foggy concept that can mean anything from Saudi-style “we’ll chop off your hand if you steal”-justice to “living in accordance with the general principles of Islam”.

    Secondly: How do you (or Mr. Bawer) arrive at the 40% figure?

    Thirdly: If you have correctly conveyed the title of Mr. Bawer’s book, I will absolutely refuse to read it. Normally, I will not read a book that contains gross grammatical errors in its title! This is hardly a hallmark of seriousness

    Fourthly: What does “like books on the most topical issue as well” mean?

    Fifthly: I suggest you read up a bit on Islam, European history etc. if you really plan to continue this blog. Islam is not a new thing in Western Europe. In fact it’s history here goes back more than one thousand years and is for the most part one of coexistence and cultural enrichment!

    I await your comments.
    Sincerely, Thomas

    Kommentar af Thomas Waldbo — 10. januar 2007 @ 19:49

  2. If you use disparaging terms your comments here shall end soon.

    Ad 1
    I note that your rejecting comment is rather hypotetical (seen before), and I certainly did not define the concept Sharia, neither did Mr. Bauer in Norway, I expect.

    Ad 2
    I reported what Bruce Bauer wrote on his site, and I notice that his book was very well greeted by:
    “A book of the utmost importance, full of deep concern for Europe and almost unbelievable revelations for most Americans.” – Booklist

    “Europeans would do well to heed Mr. Bawer’s advice and open their eyes.”
    – Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League

    “I have read no argument or book more viscerally convincing on this subject.”
    – Roger L. Simon, rogerlsimon.com

    “A clarion call for the West to understand the radical threat to our freedoms from politicized fundamentalist Islam.” – Andrew Sullivan

    “Must-read book….timely and incisive…Bawer describes a landscape of dysfunction.”
    – Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer

    “Indispensable.” – J. Peder Zane, Raleigh News and Observer

    “Bawer makes his case moderately but eloquently and powerfully. Will Europeans heed his warning?” – Daniel Pipes

    A “stunner of a book.” -Andre Zantonavitch, The American Thinker

    “Some books are merely important. This one is necessary.” – Jonathan Rauch

    “The sweeping and dramatic shift going on in Europe is chronicled to stunning effect….as enlightening as it is disturbing….if you want to understand the car burnings, the killings over cartoons and films, and other outrages sure to come, you won’t do any better than While Europe Slept.”
    – Scott C. Yates, Rocky Mountain News

    “In a sane world, it would be required reading in all European and American universities.” – Robert Spencer

    “Riveting, disturbing, fascinating, chilling, and shocking….required reading for anyone who wants to understand how militant Islam has insinuated itself into the heart of the West.” – Steven Emerson

    “A sensitive and sober portrait of an increasingly insensitive and reckless continent.” – Victor Davis Hanson

    “Blødende og intelligent indignation, fuld af skammelige og skarpe observationer.”
    – Klaus Wivel, Weekendavisen (Denmark)

    “Deeply thoughtful, persuasive and beautifully written.”
    – Douglas Murray, Social Affairs Unit Web Review

    Ad 3
    What you refuse to read is of no interest – perhaps several things. I reported the title uncorrectly, and I am sorry.

    Ad 4
    What the most topical issue concerns the elites in the Nordic countries are heavily in opposition with the peoples.
    Every child knows that.

    Ad 5
    I have a feeling that you have problems with figures. For the last 25 years the general immigration has almost been multiplied with 350 compared with the previous 350 years. Immigration from muslims dominated areas has increased from almost zero.


    Kommentar af Sonia — 10. januar 2007 @ 21:38

  3. ad 1. My so-called “disparaging terms” are rather mild, considering the terms you on your blog choose to use concerning generalized ethnic or religious groups. The fact remains that “sharia” can mean many different things, quite a few of which provide no particular cause for concern and is of no relevance except to the practitioner him/herself (the same is true of “jihad”).

    ad 2. I have not had a chance to read the book, but I note that many (if not all) of the references cited by you are of dubious seriousness. Now, if you could present something like the Times Literary Supplement or other source of undoubted quality, this would strengthen your argument.

    However, the fact remains that the figure of 40% is rather meaningless unless accompanied by a thorough reckoning for how it is arrived at.

    Ad. 3. You are right – what I refuse to read is of no relevance. I was merely making a point out of the bad English of the title (which, it turned out, was your mistake, and therefore does not reflect any judgment on the book)

    ad. 4. I am not entirely sure what “the elites” are. And I am still not clear on the term “most topical issue”. I suppose I must know less than the average child. However, it may be surmised that the alleged rupture between “elite” and “people” in your version concerns immigration politics. In Denmark at the moment, however, the main rupture between the government and the electorate seems to be over said government’s politics leading to increased inequality, poorer services, worsening reputation for Denmark worldwide – and the handing out of a disproportionate amount of power to the borderline racist Danish People’s Party.

    Ad. 5. I have no problem with figures. Consider, however, that the Renaissance in Italy, which has laid the foundation for much of what we consider European identity, was initially sparked off by an influx of thinking, science and philosphy from the Arab world and Muslim Spain.

    Consider that Goethe wrote his masterpiece collection of poetry “West-östlicher Diwan” on inspiration from the Qur’an and the Persian poet Hafiz.

    Consider that the masterpiece of Oehlensläger, Aladdin, is based on a tale from the Arabian Nights.

    Consider that St. Thomas Aquinas, scholastic philosopher of immense importance in the history of European thinking, held Ibn Rushd’s commentaries of Aristotle in such high esteem, that he refers to Rushd simply as “The Commentator”.

    Consider that James Joyce in his masterpieces “Ulysses” and “Finnegan’s Wake” makes heavy use of the Qur’an and the Arab cultural sphere in his inspiratiorial prose.

    And so on and so on. The cultural landscape of Western Europe has been in a dialogue with Arabia and in particular with Islam for centuries – to think that one can separate out for instance a “pure” Danish culture is not only foolish, it is belying history…

    Kommentar af Thomas Waldbo — 14. januar 2007 @ 01:40

  4. To Thomas Waldbo

    Quotation: “…the terms you on your blog choose to use concerning generalized ethnic or religious groups…”

    JUST GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE OF MY CHOICE OF TERM USED concerning generalized ethnic or religious groups.

    To the 40 p.c. reported, and I do not need to strengthen his argument, you could try https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/09/26/do-you-support-osama-bin-laden/ :
    “..Completely unscientific….41.260 answers on Channel Al-Jazeera, where five questions had to be answered 7-10. September 2006: Second question: “Do you support Osama bin Laden“. Dispite of the charater of the question and as tendentious as almost possible.. : 20.601 YES (49,9%) og 20.659 NO (50,1%)

    As you cannot distinguish between the elite and the population, it is rather close to meaningless to continue this debate.

    You do not refer to mass immigration at all and precisely as I have argued somewhere else you then join the club of pickers. I could add Vienna 1683 or Isabella of Aragon, and spirit connected to these episodes/wars. I do not talk about knowing each other or of inspiring each other…I talk about 30-35 mio immigrants from muslim dominated areas in Europe in a period of 25-30 years.


    Kommentar af Sonia — 14. januar 2007 @ 09:39

  5. You are absolutely correct in saying that an internet poll on al-Jazeera is completely unscientific. It is, in fact, of so little value that quoting it is meaningless.

    I cannot distinguish between the elite and the population because you have not specified the premises for such a distinction: are the criteria primarily economic? based on level of education? on political allegiance? on social network? on those YOU don’t like (elite) and those you do like (the “common people”)?

    You say you COULD speak of Isabella of Aragon and the spirit connected to “these wars” (presumably those to conquer Spain). I assume that the reason you don’t is because it would not further your argument. Isabella and Ferdinand were responsible for genocide, mass ethnic cleansing, mass deportation etc. towards Jews and Muslims (whereas Jews, Christians and Muslims had lived in relative peace and mutual respect in Muslim al-Andalus).

    However, as pertains to mass immigration, I fail to see that it is of much relevance whether those entering our countries are Muslims or not, since, as my list of examples goes only a short way towards showing, the cultures were already substantially intermingled and any thought of cultural “purity” is a filthy lie.

    Furthermore, your “explosion” in Muslim immigrants only pertains to Scandinavia – England and France, and to a lesser degree Germany, have had substantial Muslim communities for quite a bit longer.

    In addition, the immigration we are seeing is an inevitable result of the economic policies pursued by the West for the last MANY decades, ie. whether you like it or not, immigration is here to stay.

    Might as well make the most of it and try to live in peace, mutual respect and understanding. Heck, this might even turn out to be a cultural enrichment – note that many of the most golden eras in the history of culture have been characterized by profound multiculturalism: from Ancient Greece over Muslim Spain (al-Andalus) to the international artistic milieu in the Paris of the 1920s.

    Kommentar af thomas waldbo — 14. januar 2007 @ 17:06

  6. Thank You

    Kommentar af Alex — 24. maj 2007 @ 23:17

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