29. oktober 2006

Nothing has been corrected for the last 15 years

 The Danish Professor on Demografics Hans Oluf Hansen Copenhagen University maintains that that present account of population with the concepts of immigrants and decendants cannot be used to describe the relation of neither the present nor the future population in Denmark, compare Berlingske Tidende 20 August 2005. 

Further readings on the subject: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/10/29/danish-account-of-population-a-farce/ 

29 October 2006 

J. E. Vig

Danish Account of Population A Farce

The statistical account of immigrants a

Farce in Denmark

“The statistics are useless. It certainly does not incount the number of a lot of decendants. Some immigrants of second generation leave the statistics, because their parents get the Danish citizenship. Other are not even registered, and the entire third generation of immigrants is not included in the official account.” 

Member of the Danish Parliament Eyvind Vesselbo reports this – unfortunately 15 years too late – about the problems with the Danish accounts of population including the individuals of foreign background in five articles October 2nd 2006, three articles in Berlingske Tidende, one i Aarhus Stiftstidende, and one in Randers Amtsavis. 

Thinktank member Erik Bonnerup and Eva Hofman-Bang, director of the School of Commerce in Ishoj and Taastrup agree with Vesselbo. Both of them underline however that they just focuse on the problem with the accounts related to the so-called integration and the problems in this connection.  

Minister of Integration Rikke Hvilshoj who followed Bertel Haarder on the post refuses that the official statistics are problematic. 

One of the articles in Berlingske Tidende October 2nd 2006 was actually aninterview of confirmation with E. Vesselbo by jte(?). In this way the newspaper secures that Vesselbo does not go off the rails. His answer to one of the five sharp one about the political motives behind his critic: “ Yes, if you say that is just the second generation of immigrants that has problem in the schools, you are wrong. And this has to be handled with. When you have an account, you could as well get the right one”, Vesselbo answers.   

These five article on the foreigners’ statistical account were incidentitally the only ones on the subject in Danish newspapers for the last two years. Even not in February 2006 when a corrected account for the last 26 years of citizenships by naturalization and births was presented we were meant to hear or read anything at all on this subject. Both innovations went in due form to the whole Danish Press.  

It was of no interest.   

Why? :

  • The question of the real number of foreign immigrants and their decendants January the 1st 2006 is not a subject that the Danes have know anything realistic about.
  • How the number of foreigners will increase for the next 40-50 years is not a subject to be concerning the Danes.
  • When the Danes do not know some realistic facts they are not able to correspond verbally to what they are told.
  • Call it a Democracy?

That the consequences of the continuing intake that even increased last year is becoming a catastrophe within a very short range of years, has to held secret.Yes, even if the immigration were stoped right now, the catastrophe would just be postponed 10-12 years.  

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29 October 2006

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)

EU-midler i moskebyggeri


EU finansierer gigantisk moske i Tyskland 

Total cost : 7,7 million euros. 1067 m2 for the place of meeting were financed by the European Union (50%), the Land (40%) and of the gifts for a total of 3,2 million euros.”

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