22. juli 2006

Flere love er muligvis droppet – dansker er blevet en opholdstilladelse

Det er ikke kun danskere, der

hjælpes ud af Libanon 

En opholdstilladelse er nok til at blive benævnt ”dansker”

Befolkningen er – pænt sagt – blevet misinformeret om evakueringen. På udenrigsministeriets hjemmeside www.um.dk oplyses der om evakueringen af ”danskere” fra Libanon. Påfaldende er det, at en stor del af oplysningerne til danskerne er skrevet på arabisk! 

At det ikke kun er etniske danskere, der henvises til, er efterhånden gået op for de fleste. Libanon indtager på ingen måder nogen fremtrædende plads i rejsebureauernes feriekataloger. 

De fleste medier har da også oplyst, at det er ”danske statsborgere”, som nu får deres hjemrejse betalt af de danske skatteydere, – af hvilke mange ikke selv har råd til at holde ferie i udlandet.  

Den Danske Forening har imidlertid fået oplyst ved telefonisk henvendelse til udenrigsministeriet, at definitionen på ”dansker” er betydeligt bredere end ”dansk statsborger”. Udenrigsministeriets talsmand oplyser, at en opholdstilladelse i Danmark er nok til at blive betragtet som dansker. 

Det betyder, at også folk, som på ingen måder anser sig selv for at være danskere, er omfattet af definitionen, – f.eks. ansatte ved fremmede landes ambassader, som netop opholder sig i Danmark, fordi de ikke er danskere. Omfattet af definitionen ”dansker” er desuden islamiske prædikanter, som intet ved om Danmark, – men som godt kan lide at opholde sig i landet.  

De britiske myndigheder har nægtet den hadefulde islamisk prædikant, Omar Bakri, adgang til det britiske krigsskib, som evakuerede briter fra Libanon. Samtidig har de danske myndigheder netop evakueret den danskfjendtlige prædikant Ahmed Akkari.  

Det er ikke just hensynet til fædrelandet, som ligger de danske myndigheder på sinde.



Der er faktisk en lov, der definerer, hvad det vil sige at være dansker:


Nu kan vi ikke vide hvilken talsmand Den Danske Forening har talt med i udenrigsministeriet.

Har du en opholdstilladelse?

Der kan du se!

Som det er refereret synes oplysningerne, der gives i udenrigsministeriet, at stride lodret med de danske loves bestemmelser.


PS: Tilføjet 14. februar 2011: Vi havde overset den skæbnesvangre ændring af indfødsretsloven af 7. juni 2004

Causal-interpretation almost left – except when it fit into the ideology

Information of Denmark



Causal-interpretation almost left

The big jump in the economic and political science of society happens at the transition from the phase, where you can or can not explain and foresee the behavior of the human being to the managed influence on behavior, watching and control. The corresponding model of the explanation and forecasting of the human being suites the underlying so-called empirism later on positivism, which model-apparatus uses the model of causal-interpretation that needs the past to explain the presence and the future. The experience, the past and also the cause are not acknowledged, and this is perhaps quite legitimately to maintain, when models show themselves not to apply to the outside world, even if you have made an effort with all possible interpretations, especially those in symbols of mathematical language. And it is of special interest, when we for a moment concentrate our thinking a little on just another circle of subjects – which has not been discussed much anywhere else in this critical light: 

Environment, ecology, stratosphere, menaces to the globe, effects on health, influence of individual behavior in this connection and the correlation including the influence of businesses on the surroundings and the commissioner’s influence of behavior on the producer. Taken in a random order, which is the custom in this subjects.

In the treatment of these subjects it is fully correct to show “coherence including causality” between this and that. This is often done by using the so-called statistical, quantitative methods. They use phenomenons that can be described using figures. I can assure the reader that two of the used methods, Regression and the Chi-test among others have been used many times to obtain the wanted coherence or the wanted causality from the model. Statistical method of analysis, behind the most ‘so-called investigations’, which is shown to the reader very often on TV as a report, an examination or the like. They all show that something-must-be-done or problem-reaction-solution. The methods are very fine mathematics, but when you use them, it is very easy to 1. Interpret the problem wrong, 2. To choose a nonsense-coherence or, 3. To select the wrong method, 4. To use the methods wrong, 5. Interpret the results from the model wrong, 6. To make a wrong conclusion on the basis of the results of model and transmit these results to be results of the real world. Finally you can give the material to an unsuspecting, but “very understanding” journalist at a powerful medium. As you perhaps might understand, there are several possibilities and especially a lot of impossibilities.One of these is (read 1. above):

Because two phenomenons appear at the same time, there does not have to light a clear and imperative coherence between them. If for example the number of couples of storks in Denmark in the summer time has increased from 12 to 25 couples in the last two years, this is not a sure indicator of a so-called boom of babies among the Danes. “Babies are coming with the stork”, small Danish children were told earlier. In the beginning of the 1990s the Danish authorities informed about a boom of Danish babies, although the Danish did not seem to give birth to more children. The number of babies beared by foreigners or their children could be 20,000-25,000 a year – you can not see how many – out of a birth-number of totally about 70.000 a year. It should be mentioned in this connection that the Danish made – and still do – between 17. 000 and 19.000 abortions a year in the beginning of the 1990s.  On these stratetic subjects, the fear of the unknown, of the distant, of the unchallenged till now, for the unexamined, where refined methods of measuring often effect the observation, very much can be shown and very much can not be refused – on the other hand to prove is something else. There are plenty of current phenomenons, plenty to undertake. Environment, illness, health and the contributions in these connections. And then the career.The environment-ecology-consciousness (do not read knowledge) is already profound and solid incorporated in marketing, pedagogy…everything.   The paradox and dilemma of the prevention – the claimed effect appear in the long run, and it is difficult to reject the effect of prevention a priori – will surely be used the with most explosive effects in the mind of the individuals of the masses. In order to control them. It is interesting that the cause very easy can be used here, even though equivalence, unambiguity, functionality, really are serious scientific problems, which often are overlooked, even though these problems are rather determining.You have to understand: The end justifies the means – especially for many ambiguities ones among the ‘The Jesuits of the Time’ for the salvation of the world.This was just a little disgression, but not without importance. A total statement about this theme ought to have a reading of its own. If the fourth power or wave (after or at the same time as the third power) should not be found exactly around these new so-called “scientific-like causal-shows”, I should wonder a great deal. The witchcraft at least can contribute to Something-Have-To-Be-Done-Effect, which precisely matches Hegel’s Tese-Antitese-Syntese planning-model.It might happen at the same time that essential facts are totally overlooked – the cause can be used, when needed to reach the politically correct effects.

Skjern Aa-project: Some Danes remember the Skjern Aa – project with the Company Moors ad an adviserThe chairman of the plot owners of Skjern Aa (a minor Danish river) had asked the Danish King some years ealier, if he would like to see the project.

The King answered: No, you destroy the nature, good man. 

Erik Lund wrote the critical book ”The Power of the advising Company of Moors – the report of the outrage on Skjern Aa” (ISBN 87-87951-53-3). They tried to imprison Erik Lund.The project was totally failed, and the river has now been lead back to its old, natural course (at a price of ½ billion ddk). The project was not more expensive all in all, poorly economically.

This price is about the daily costs of quite another project – immigrants’ stay in Denmark.  

Water invironment-plan:

An another example from Denmark is The Water Environment Plan. Price 17 bill. ddk. Several facts were completely overlooked in spite of the fact that you could have learnt in Holland, and could have learnt a little more inorganic chemistry too. This was shown in Jyllands-Posten by our famous patriot from World War II Flemming Juncker. 

From causal-models the transition first went towards the philosophical society-thinkers. They describe, interpret and seek understanding. With this starting point causal-models are getting insufficient, because the personality can not objectively analyzed. This has been shown already by the philosopher Emanuel Kant. 

The theory of behavior is powerful, generally also in the Danish (economic) HD-education, and first-rate men lead the arrangement, the lectures, the problems, the seminars and the examination. One of these Professor Flemming Hansen wrote publicly – under the third wave –  November 21st 1989 and November 6th 1992 that 15 millions ought to live in Denmark. Of these 15 millions – we have near 5,4 millions inhabitants for the moment on our 43,850 square-kilometers – only half of them need to be individuals which have been born in Denmark. The number of professors of this kind is increasing all the time.  Let me quess, the fourth wave is the environment used in a political correct way on the minds of the first-rate men and women.    


Irland og Danmark – lidt sammenligninger

Danmark og Irland

– sandheden skal frem

Vidste du at antallet af beskæftigede i Danmark var det samme i 2003, som det var i 1988?

Vidste du at antallet af beskæftigede i Irland i samme periode er steget med mere end 60 pct?

Irland havde i 1970 en produktion, der var halvt så stor som den danske – i dag er Irlands produktion pr. indbygger 10 pct. større end den danske.

I Irland var eksportindtægten i 2004 7,5 gange større end de offentlige overførslerne til ledige, udstødte og pensionerede. I Danmark er faktoren 1,95.

Kilder: http://www.cso.ie/statistics/expend_social_welfare.htm og http://www.cso.ie/statistics/botrade.htm

Irland har bevist at en væsentlig nedsættelse af skatteniveauet kan blive motoren for igangsætningen for fuld gas af endog den mest slunkne økonomi. En drastisk nedsættelse af den irske skattesats fra 53% i 1986 til dens nuværende 35% har ført til en stadigt voksende opgang i velstanden med i gennemsnit 5,6 % i gennemsnit pr. år i de sidste to tiår, medens antallet af jobs er steget med mere end 50%. På knap 18 år er Irland sprunget fra en 22. plads til en 4. plads i OECD’s velstands-rating. Irland reducerede ikke dets sociale velfærdsgoder. Tværtimod. Den vækst uden noget fortilfælde førte til en stigning i skatteprovenuet og dermed også i de sociale udgifter.

Besynderligt påhit:

2010: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/0b8dbb0e-4e1e-11df-b437-00144feab49a.html

“Ireland’s budget deficit highest in EU

By John Murray Brown in Dublin

Published: April 22 2010 16:39 | Last updated: April 22 2010 16:39

Ireland had the biggest fiscal deficit in the European Union last year – larger than both Greece and the UK – according to revised figures published on Thursday by Eurostat, the European Commission’s official statistics office.

The deficit was revised up from 11.8 per cent to 14.3 per cent of Gross Domestic Product after Eurostat ruled that the Irish government’s €4bn of aid to Anglo Irish Bank must be treated as part of current spending…”