20. juli 2006

To Be Danish And To Be Non-Danish

Perhaps it is much the same in your


– the mass immigration started to Denmark in 1983 

Dansk version: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/18/to-be-or-not-to-be-danskdanish/ 

The second time the so-called refugees leave Libanon they are called Danes. They are neither refugees nor Danes. They have been on holiday in their homeland, and were not refugees either when they left the area the first time and went ‘The Rich North’.  The citizenship is daily treated from the need of the moment, that may be directed from an EDP-system, by law connected to the right of citizenship or by the opinion of media and the immediate engagement of interest organizations. We have been ‘enriched’ by the expressions ‘Danes’ (Danes in inverted commas), ‘newdanes’ and ‘olddanes’ without anybody is able to explain correctly the meaning of those peculiar conception. Because the right often is created by prescriptive right of daily practices, and not at least because the Danish Central Administration has not contributed to make an end to this confusion the most important concepts according the rights citizenship have to be repeted:  

Announcement No 422 of the Law on Danish citizenship of 2004/07/04: An Extraction of : http://www.retsinfo.dk/_GETDOCI_/ACCN/A20040042229-REGL (in Danish)  

Article 1 A child acquires Danish citizenship by birth, if the father or the mother is Danish. If the parents of the child are not married, and if just the father is Danish, the child acquires Danish citizenship, if it was born in the land.  

To be Danish presuppose that the individual has Danish citizenship and at least one parent who also has the Danish citizenship and was born in Denmark.    

Article 6 Citizenship can be acquired by naturalization according to the constitution. 

Section 2 If the one who is naturalized has children, included adopted children, the decisions in article 5, section 1 are used accordingly. 

Article 8 B An naturalized individual who is convicted for offence of decisions of chapter 12 and 13 in the criminal code, can by conviction be suspended from his citizenship, unless he becomes stateless. 

Section 2 Has a person been convicted for an act that according to section 1 can imply suspension of Danish citizenship, the citizenship can be suspended according to article 11 in the criminal code.    

From 1994 ddk 1000 must be paid by the application of Danish citizenship according to article 12, documentation:

Extract from : http://www.retsinfo.dk/_GETDOCI_/ACCN/A19940109730-REGL (in Danish)   

New principles of population accounting in 1991 created foreseen chaos.  ’Immmigrants’ and ’descendants’ and others (= Danes) created conscious chaos that is accepted/ignored by the superficials and uyilized by the worst:   

The number ’immigrants’ and ’descendants’ are accounted in such a way that all later generation than the first of ‘descendants’ are counted as Danes, Danish citizens and are mentioned as ‘newdanes’. We experience that irrespectively of concept Dane has been made perfectly clear in the Law of Citizenship (read above) as a person who is a Danish citizen with at least one parent who are a Danish citizen and born in Denmark, the contents has been watered down so much that by using the changed accounting from 1991 implies that half of the number of non-Western immigrants and their children and grandchildren are counted as if they were Danes in the accounts of population.   

Therefore Six Good Reasons why it is fateful to distinguish: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/20/six-good-reasons/

We have tried to correct status 1 Januar 2006, and also corrected our forecast from 2003 on respectively:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html (in English) and

https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/05/25/grafisk-illustration-af-det-korrigerede-befolkningsregnskab-pr-1-januar-2006/ (in Danish)

Naturally we have given a proposal to an improved population accounting in Denmark, already in 1991:

 http://www.lilliput-information.com/atva/index.html (in Danish)  


You cannot  get  this information anywhere else in Denmark. The work takes place under circumstances that nobody in the politically correct cadre is able to imagine. A contribution to the continuing production and to make it publicly would be welcome on the account in Danske Bank (Danish Bank) Reg. No 3629, account number 3629461213   

Joern E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics), Denmark

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  1. May adanish citizen hold both danish citizenship and us citizenship?

    Kommentar af kevin past — 25. juli 2006 @ 04:55

  2. The point is that Danish on the one side and Danish citizenship on the other side are made the same by the media.



    Kommentar af Sonia Wahnloop — 27. juli 2006 @ 10:18

  3. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am Israeli; I am interested to become Danish citizen, what the process to do that?
    I also would like to buy a house and come to live there after 1 year.

    Thank you very much,

    Kommentar af Noor — 9. september 2006 @ 15:16

  4. Til Noor

    You have to find answers to your questiones on:


    Kommentar af Sonia Wahnloop — 9. september 2006 @ 16:12

  5. I’m a US citizen and after visiting Denmark, me and my wife became interested in moving there and aquiring Danish citizenship. Is it possible? What are the restrictions?
    Please feel free to email me.
    Thank you

    Kommentar af bill murphy — 21. september 2006 @ 17:00

  6. You have to find answers to your questiones on:


    Kommentar af Sonia Wahnloop — 21. september 2006 @ 17:29

  7. I am a Scientist working in Denmark since 2 years and have lived in Denmark for the past 5 years. I am married ,my wife and i are Indian nationals. We are expecting a child soon. We would like to know whether the child is eligible for getting the danish citizenship. Please suggest as to when can be applicable to apply for the same?

    Kommentar af Lakshman Sodagam — 20. oktober 2006 @ 12:21

  8. You have to know as a scientist in Denmark that it is decided by the Committee of Citizenship in the Danish Parliament by application.


    Kommentar af Sonia — 20. oktober 2006 @ 15:32

  9. Hi there.

    I have read the regulations and have not found or understood any that apply to my question, therefore I’m emailing in the hope you can clarify.

    My father’s parents were danish born, my father was born in South Africa but lived in Denmark for some time and has a Danish passport.

    I am currently working in England and would like to know, if at any stage I wanted to move to Denmark, am I able to obtain citizenship? (I am 28 years old).

    I still have around 50 or so family members that live there and that my family remains in contact with.

    thanks & best regards

    Kommentar af Paula Kristensen — 18. januar 2007 @ 14:31

  10. To Paula Kristensen

    You have to contact the authorities from:


    Kommentar af Sonia — 18. januar 2007 @ 15:36

  11. My name is Eva Khoury CPR Nr. 040872-2268, I am born in Copenhagen, my mother is also born in Denmark, and my father is a Danish citizen. I lived in Denmark for several years as a child, until my parents came to Syria.
    As an adult I went to Denmark 3 times for a period of more than 2 years.
    I didn’t have the chance to work since I had my child with me for 2 years. I was learning the language.After I had to come to Syia to join my husband.
    I just heard that I would loose my nationality if I haven’t worked and paid taxes in Denmark, Is it true?
    I need an urgent answer
    Thanks in advance
    Sincerely yours
    Eva Khoury

    Kommentar af Eva Khoury — 9. juli 2007 @ 17:00

  12. You should not give me your cpr. no – why was you not told that?

    As far as I know it depends upon the duration of your stay – but I am not sure. Ask the authorities, you know which, or look in the law and the departemental order – your other advisers know for sure, and ought to have have told you long ago.


    Kommentar af Sonia — 9. juli 2007 @ 21:01

  13. i read about the criminal code but witch in this websites showes you the right of getting passport through sister who would be over age and how 2 get passport of sister who is a danish citizen

    thank you pleas relpy on my hotmail

    thank you xxx

    Kommentar af shakaron — 21. november 2007 @ 13:46

  14. shakaron
    I defitely do not understand your
    You have to write English to participate here

    Kommentar af Sonia Wahnloop — 21. november 2007 @ 15:02

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