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To Be Danish And To Be Non-Danish

Perhaps it is much the same in your


– the mass immigration started to Denmark in 1983 

Dansk version: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/18/to-be-or-not-to-be-danskdanish/ 

The second time the so-called refugees leave Libanon they are called Danes. They are neither refugees nor Danes. They have been on holiday in their homeland, and were not refugees either when they left the area the first time and went ‘The Rich North’.  The citizenship is daily treated from the need of the moment, that may be directed from an EDP-system, by law connected to the right of citizenship or by the opinion of media and the immediate engagement of interest organizations. We have been ‘enriched’ by the expressions ‘Danes’ (Danes in inverted commas), ‘newdanes’ and ‘olddanes’ without anybody is able to explain correctly the meaning of those peculiar conception. Because the right often is created by prescriptive right of daily practices, and not at least because the Danish Central Administration has not contributed to make an end to this confusion the most important concepts according the rights citizenship have to be repeted:  

Announcement No 422 of the Law on Danish citizenship of 2004/07/04: An Extraction of : http://www.retsinfo.dk/_GETDOCI_/ACCN/A20040042229-REGL (in Danish)  

Article 1 A child acquires Danish citizenship by birth, if the father or the mother is Danish. If the parents of the child are not married, and if just the father is Danish, the child acquires Danish citizenship, if it was born in the land.  

To be Danish presuppose that the individual has Danish citizenship and at least one parent who also has the Danish citizenship and was born in Denmark.    

Article 6 Citizenship can be acquired by naturalization according to the constitution. 

Section 2 If the one who is naturalized has children, included adopted children, the decisions in article 5, section 1 are used accordingly. 

Article 8 B An naturalized individual who is convicted for offence of decisions of chapter 12 and 13 in the criminal code, can by conviction be suspended from his citizenship, unless he becomes stateless. 

Section 2 Has a person been convicted for an act that according to section 1 can imply suspension of Danish citizenship, the citizenship can be suspended according to article 11 in the criminal code.    

From 1994 ddk 1000 must be paid by the application of Danish citizenship according to article 12, documentation:

Extract from : http://www.retsinfo.dk/_GETDOCI_/ACCN/A19940109730-REGL (in Danish)   

New principles of population accounting in 1991 created foreseen chaos.  ’Immmigrants’ and ’descendants’ and others (= Danes) created conscious chaos that is accepted/ignored by the superficials and uyilized by the worst:   

The number ’immigrants’ and ’descendants’ are accounted in such a way that all later generation than the first of ‘descendants’ are counted as Danes, Danish citizens and are mentioned as ‘newdanes’. We experience that irrespectively of concept Dane has been made perfectly clear in the Law of Citizenship (read above) as a person who is a Danish citizen with at least one parent who are a Danish citizen and born in Denmark, the contents has been watered down so much that by using the changed accounting from 1991 implies that half of the number of non-Western immigrants and their children and grandchildren are counted as if they were Danes in the accounts of population.   

Therefore Six Good Reasons why it is fateful to distinguish: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/20/six-good-reasons/

We have tried to correct status 1 Januar 2006, and also corrected our forecast from 2003 on respectively:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html (in English) and

https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/05/25/grafisk-illustration-af-det-korrigerede-befolkningsregnskab-pr-1-januar-2006/ (in Danish)

Naturally we have given a proposal to an improved population accounting in Denmark, already in 1991:

 http://www.lilliput-information.com/atva/index.html (in Danish)  


You cannot  get  this information anywhere else in Denmark. The work takes place under circumstances that nobody in the politically correct cadre is able to imagine. A contribution to the continuing production and to make it publicly would be welcome on the account in Danske Bank (Danish Bank) Reg. No 3629, account number 3629461213   

Joern E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics), Denmark



Information of Denmark collects and forwards politically incorrect information. The mental-robots don’t want to know it, because the truth disturbs the cyberspace or scrap that the power-brokers feed them with daily.

Six Good Reasons – why all the most foreign immigrants and their descendants have to be counted correctly:

Before 1970 Denmark had almost no foreign immigrants.

Officially 337.243 foreigners[1], and their descendants included the ones with a Danish citizenship or about 6 p. c. of the population stayed in Denmark 1 January 2006. Associated professor Hans Oluf Hansen Copenhagen University reported in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende 20 August 2005 that the original Danes would become a minority before the end of this century, if it continues. [2]

As on the other hand the official Danish projection of population was presented in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten 29 August 1999 (refered to in JP 21 August 2005[3]), and it showed 13.7 p.c. immigrants and descendants totally in the year 2020, professor P. C. Matthiessen who commented the figures, was almost attacked via the media [4]. The account is even in a worse way:

Information of Denmark reports:

There were already more than 690,000 most foreign foreigners, naturalized and their children 1. January 2006 corresponding to more than 13 p.c., and Danes will for certain become a minority between 2035 and 2045, if it continues:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html (corrected official status in English) and

http://www.lilliput-information.com/edu/index.html (realistic projection in Danish)

To be able to prove the magnitude of the project might help us to be able to tell where we are, and it might perhaps also tell us how quickly we move towards a rather doubtful future. But was it meant to be(?) When we look at what happens in the community, it seems beyond doubt that the so-called activities of integration do not have much effect, at least definitely not the official expected effect.

Recently Danish authorities had to admit this:

Second and third generation of immigrants and their descendants even commit a larger share of the criminal acts relatively to their share of population than their parents – even when the account has been corrected from the defective official account of population that paradoxically overestimate the criminality among immigrants.

82 p.c. of the crimes among youngster less than 18 years in Copenhagen (2004) were commited by foreigners. And the group of immigrants in those ages amounted 28 p.c. of all in those ages in Copenhagen, compare Denmarks’s Statistics matr. BEF3 mentioned with figures in http://www.lilliput-information.com/domv.html (in Danish).

Second and third generation gave birth to 10 p.c. more children a woman in average than their parents did, accounted in a period of six years in Copenhagen, compare with the manager of the bureau of statistics Claus Woll, referred to in the newspaper Soendagsavisen 25 January 2004.

Second and third generation have a weaker connection to the labourmarket than their parents.[6]

The number of immigrant from the mentioned areas is the only number of visitors that always increases – in periods an exponential increase – for the whole 26 years period from 1979. The immigrants from less developed countries load the Danish public sector three times more than the Danes in average – according to the latest reports from the public established Commission of Welfare, supplemented with a few quotations from the same: “…the immigration from less developed countries to Denmark laod the public finances substantially. The participation in working is low – especially the women. Among those on the labour market the unemployment is high – among other things because a lot of them do not the qualification to get a job at a lowest wages of the market…” “…Immmigrants from less developed countries receive more from the public fonds than they contribute via taxes. The reason is that they have low career participation and as a rule do not leave the country again before they get old. They receive 2.6 mio. dkr. more in a lifetime than they contribute to the public sector…”

The word integration has been used as a magic formula for 25 years precisely like the remark “Sesam-Sesam open up” in the 1001 Nights’ fairytale. In the fairytale it works, and that is just the way of the Postmodernist – free in the air floating.

The brief account of the number: – from the number births to the number of foreign immigrants Three most essential reasons of the low number of births among Western women: 1. In average the first cild is born when the mother is about 28 years or more – this mean it become more difficult to get more children thereafter. 2. 15-20 p.c. of the women in the age of 40 in the Western countries has no children – this figure has increased substantially 3.

Abortions have increased to an amount of more than 15,000 of a birth cohort of 68,000-70,000 in Denmark, compare DR-texttv 20 Mars 2006. Point 2 is characteristic for European unemployed or expelled women from the labour market (20-25 p.c.) who do not dare to give birth to children. The same pattern was retrieved, and is clearly found today in the old Eastbloc. The number of births has been reported in more details on:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/fertt.html – in the world) (in Danish)

http://www.lilliput-information.com/ferteu.html – in Europe (in English)

 http://www.lilliput-information.com/fertty.html – in Germany (in Danish)

http://www.lilliput-information.com/fertfr.html – from number of children to the percentage of foreign immigrants (in Danish)

There is just one reason why population in Denmark has increased for the last 26 years: The steady increased influx of immigrants and their births. The Danes just give birth to half of what is needed to secure a stable Danish population, when the deaths has been subtracted. In 1979 5.117.000 lived in Denmark.

1 January 2006 the population amounted 5.427.459. It looks as if the difference must be a little more than 317,000. The number of Danes has decreased (very characteristic) since 1968, when the average number of births a woman got lower than 2.1. The 317,000 is less than half of the story that we proved in quite another too (read below). Since 1979 Folketinget (the Danish parliament) has given Danish citizenship to 189,910 individuals since 1979, compare Danmark’s Statistics Statisticbank, and the children that the naturalized have born after they got the letter from Folketinget is being accounted as if they are Danes.

1 January 2006 the result is that more than 690,000 with most foreign origin in Denmark from areas outside Western Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It has been proved using another method on: http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html I.e. there were 4,737,459 (5,427,459 –690,000) Danes and Westerners (of which about 74,000 other Westerners) in Denmark, and this corresponds to the decrease in the number of children among Westerners, as this has been recognized in the whole Western world. A decreased of about 3.0 – 3.5 per mille a year all over Europe. This results in 4,732,488 for the 26 years period.

There was 99,796 foreign citizens in Denmark in 1980, compare table 31 in Statistical Yearbook 1987 from Danmark’s Statistics), of which about 47.880 were foreigners from the areas subjects to this reading. This number has more than doubled in the 26 years period. Granted Danish citizenships before 1979 has not included, and the Danish women (as mentioned) gave birth to too few children already from the famous year 1968, so the difference is even bigger. A total going through and prove (by use of quite another method) of the true development for last 26 years has been given on: http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html.

As for the immigration from Turkey and Pakistan for the last 26 years read: http://www.lilliput-information.com/engtyda.html

Changing political leaders in Denmark and all over Europe perhaps were worried of their fellow countrymen to die out caused by too few births, and as an nearby result to get lower and lower tax-payments. They got an idea, a splendid idea accompanied with the leading figures of the world:

The population surplus of some islamic contries

Years 1998/2050 (in millions)

Compare: UN World Population Prospects,

1998 revision:

Iran: 64 mio./115 mio.

Tyrkey: 65 mio./101 mio.

Egypt: 66 mio./115 mio.

Bangladesh: 123 mio./212 mio.

Pakistan: 142 mio./345 mio.

The result remains the same, and the end-result is reached even quicker – about double as quickly. The deciding for the political, so-called professional leaders with their eyes to number one: “It shall not happen before we have gone”. But here we must try to prepare them for the joyful truth that the political effect on stability, and what is worse shall begin long before the Danes have become a minority in their country about 35 to 45 years from now (27 Mars 2006), and obviously longer before the Danes have died out …does it not look like this already?

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1) From areas outside Western Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

[2]http://www.berlingske.dk/grid/viden/artikel:aid=616170 (in Danish)

[3] http://www.jp.dk/arkiv:aid=3213638:ssid=404746 (in Danish)

[4]In this account all later generations of descendants than the first have got the predicate Danish.

[5]http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php?id=1700989 (in Danish)

[6]Documentation of 18 October 2005: ”The Sons of the Immigrants do not get Work” By Martin H. Damsgaard and Christian Friis Hansen http://epaper.jp.dk/18-10-2005/demo/JP_04-01.html (in Danish) “..Sons of immigrants supply the workforce to a still smaller degree on market of labour in the town Aarhus. According to the chairman of the Thinktank for Integration of the government Erik Bonnerup, Aarhus have to take action as quickly as possible. It is a substantial problem that might load the economy of the town seriously, and you ought improve the situation as quickly as possible…” Immigrants on the German and Danish labor market, Rockwool Foundation (another so-called Thinktank), October 2004: ”…Germany has had an decreasing trend in the employment for non-Western immigrants since the midd 1980s, and this is a development that can traced back to the beginning of the 1970s.This development has its parallel in Denmark, where the employment frequency decreased markedly form 1985 to 1994. Even though the employment has increased afterwards not least caused by the economic boom, the employment among non-Western immigrants has never reached its earlier level. Founded on sequence-data from Denmark we can conclude that much of the explanation to the decreasing trend of employment is that the new non-Western immigrants who has arrived in Denmark after the 1970s, have had a much weaker connection to the labour market from earliest beginning until 1999 every year’s of the newcomers have in this way had a lower career participation than the ones from the year before…”

[7] 5.117.000*(1-0,003)^26 = 4.732.488

‘if your heart is filled use your brain’


You cannot  get  this information anywhere else in Denmark. The work takes place under circumstances that nobody in the politically correct cadre is able to imagine. A contribution to the continuing production and to make it publicly would be welcome on the account in Danske Bank (Danish Bank) Reg. No 3629 account number 3629461213

Joern E. Vig, M. Sc.(Economics), Denmark

Fremtiden er ikke lang

Mindst  5000 kommer i dag

– “men de er alligevel ikke kommet, når dagen er gået”, fordi omkring samme antal af dem, der var her i forvejen, blev forvandlet til danskere ved at modtage et brev efter indfødsretslovens vedtagelse, senest med ca. 5000 inklusive børnene den 7. juni 2006.


Det skrev vi dengang


Danmark år 2004

Fremmedes overkriminalitet:

Forsøg på manddrab: 4,6 gange
Vold ialt: 2,3
Blufærdighedskrænkelse: 2,2
Forsætlig brandstiftelse: 1,5
Røveri: 2,8
Vold o.lign. mod off. ansat: 2,3
Indbrud ialt: 1,0
Tyveri ialt: 2,0
Butikstyveri: 2,3
Tyveri fra bil, rest., hosp. m.v.: 1,4
Salg af narkotika: 3,7
Våbenloven: 2.1
Lov om euforiserende stoffer: 2,4
Toldloven: 1,9
Hæleri: 2,4

Dette følger Rigspolitiets optællinger af kriminelle gerninger i 1994 og 1998 inden for de forskellige hovedgerningskategorier – her kun et udpluk. Disse antal skal så selvfølgelig sammenholdes med befolkningsgruppernes indbyrdes størrelsesforhold helt linie med metoden som anvendes af Interpol ved beregning af kriminalitetsrater.

Den seneste officielle kriminalitetsopgørelse fra august 2005 overestimerer kriminaliteten blandt de fremmede, fordi de fremmede indgår med en alt for lille indbyggerandel i analysen. At naturaliseredes kriminalitet medregnes under danskerne trækker lidt i den anden retning.

Sådan er det!  

Da året 2004 var gået kunne vi aflæse en kriminalitetstigning for 2004 blandt de unge i København, der var helt exceptionel: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php?id=1700989 : Københavns Politi oplyser, at 82 pct. af de fremstillede under 18 år i Københavns Dommervagt i 2004 var indvandrere og efterkommere. Det oplyses endvidere, at den tilsvarende procent var 67 pct. i 2003.[ Her konstaterer vi, at af det oplyste i 2003 fremgik, at det drejede sig 69% af de fremstillede i denne gruppe i 2003 – jvf. http://www.lilliput-information.com/ungkrim.html .] I året 2002 var 59 pct. af de fremstillede indvandrere og efterkommere i denne gruppe.

Overrepræsentationen blandt unge indvandrere og efterkommere under 18 år i Købehavns Dommervagt i 2002, 2003 og 2004:





4,1 gange hyppigere


5,7 gange hyppigere


11,7 gange hyppigere

Det vil sige, hvis oplysningerne byggende på de officielle befolkningsopgørelser fra Københavns kommunes Statistikkontor her holder (26 og 28 pct. indvandrere og efterkommere), at sigtelsernes antal/kriminaliteten er blevet øget ganske betydeligt i perioden 2002-2004 blandt unge under 18 år med indvandrerbaggrund, når der sammenlignes med danskerne. De unge fremmede overtager således sigtelserne/kriminaliteten, og det endog på trods af, at en ganske betydelig andel af sigtelserne som nævnt tildeles danskerne uretmæssigt i de officielle opgørelser.  

Fremtiden er ikke så lang, skrev vi i 2004, og den er meget kortere end vor korrigerede prognose viser

Prognosen er ren matematik med et par vekslende forudsætninger om tilstrømningen :


Allerede i år 2010 er ikke-vesterlændingene og deres børn passeret antallet 1 mill., hvis tilstrømningen fortsætter med samme kraft som nu, og det tyder alt på, hvis den ikke tværtimod øges yderligere. Efter 2010 behøver vi ikke regne så meget fremad, før den krig, der med matematisk sikkerhed kommer, er godt i gang. De fremmede er i flertal i midten af 2030-erne, hvis det fortsætter som nu. Selvom indvandringen standses nu, kommer danskerne alligevel i mindretal p.g.a. de fremmedes fødselsoverskud, blot 12-15 år senere

Godt råd:

Angst og falsk skyldfølelse er de største forhindringer vi står over for. Det var det også under sidste krig. Viden er bedre en tro.

Skal vi gå lidt længere tilbage, og se hvad vi dengang (november 1999) skrev: 

Vanviddet fortsætter med øget styrke. Tilstrømningen af fremmede øges, med flest fra Irak og Somalia. I Vestafrika er der nye kilder. Sierre Leones diktator, som er muhamedaner, har sendt 4,4 mill. på flugt. Af de 17.000 fra Bosnien – eller 40.000, når børnene medregnes –  er 1000 returneret til hjemlandet. Kosovo-tilstrømningen blev vendt til hjemrejse – troede lalle-danskerne – nu kommer de tilbage hertil efter at have soldet for repatrierings-pengene, som ydes med udvidet returret efter den nye udlændingelov.
22/10-1999 meddeler formanden for Politiforbundet i Norge på norsk TV 2, at forbundet vil svare
nej til at sende norske politibetjente til indsats i Kosovo. Området ledes af et gansterregime, og Nato har ikke styr på noget som helst, svarede formanden på. Hvorfor?

Dansker-udskiftningen er nu fuldstændig på skinner, næste gang skal godt 5.000 tildeles dansk papir-statsborgerskab, med børn bliver det til mindst 10.000 (1999). Der er tre “næstegange” pr. år.

Sidste efterår meddelte fr. D. Bennedsen, at stigningen (dengang, d.v.s 1998) i naturalisationsantallet skulle fordobles, midlertidigt beroligede hun. Det kan man selvfølgelig godt sige, for nu tredobler de i stedet (i henhold til hemmelig aftale mellem partierne Socialdemokratiet og Venstre i 1999). Det betyder, at hele ét års tilstrømning af nye indbyggere ikke registreres som sådanne i DS’s udlændingeopgørelser, fordi et lige så stort antal af allerede indrejste hvert år samtidig gøres til danske papir-statsborgere.

Vi kommer snart i den situation, hvis ikke det allerede er sket, at antallet af fremmede i Danmark falder på papiret, samtidig med de (netto) vælter ind i landet.

IOD berettede i 1989, at dette var planen, fuldstændig at sløre, hvad der sker med befolkningen i Danmark og vi påpegede, at den netop beskrevne metode antagelig ville blive brugt ved udskiftningen af den danske befolkning.

Det skete året efter i år 2000:  https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/05/25/indvandringen-tiltog-i-2005/ :

I år 2000 faldt antallet af fremmede statsborgere med 1.761 i opregningen, selvom det reelle antal voksede med 16.900. I 2002 det samme: Et fald på 2.736 fremmede statsborgere, men reelt en stigning på 14.225. Og sådan fortsætter det mere og mere med den optællingsform, der indførtes i 1991.

Virkeligheden er dog vanskeligere at komme udenom, selvom dette er et af hovedformålene for
landsforræderne. 21. oktober 1999 berettede medierne, at den såkaldte integration er mislykkedes mest i Danmark, når vi ser på hele den vestlige OECD-verden.

Ligeledes den 21/10-1999 oplyste medierne, at de fremmede er 3½ gange mere arbejdsløse end danskerne. Det sidste stemmer dog ikke med “den dygtige økonomiministers” rapportering i 1998. Hun havde ladet de fremmede fremstår med en procentvis mindre andel i arbejdstyrken – den andel af alle de fremmede, der tilbyder sig på arbejdsmarkedet – for at nå sit mystiske resultat på langt under 3½. Derved ville arbejdsløsheden på henved 80 pct. blandt de fremmede blive meget mindre, troede hun. Desværre opdagede OECD svindelen fornylig …ja, og IOD så det straks og berettede herom i et tidligere nummer, men det sidste er jo lige meget. Vi fristedes til at spørge, om de fremmede, som således ikke står til rådighed for arbejdsmarkedet, da ikke modtager understøttelse? Men det gør de, og det er jo ikke så godt. For det er så ulovligt.

Svensk TV 2 kunne om eftermiddagen den 20/10-1999, berette om Malmø. “En  tikkende bombe” hed udsendelsen. Man indledte med at berette mundtligt og skrive på skærmen, at de fremmede overfalder, berøver, voldtager og myrder svenskerne. Kriminaliteten i området omkring boligkvarteret “Rosengård” er steget med 90% på ganske kort tid. Integrationsindsatsen er fuldstændig slået fejl, og den vurderes nyttesløs, meddelte man længere inde i programmet. De unge 2. og 3. generationsindvandrere har nemlig de voldskriminelle fremmede som forbilleder.

En svensk sociologisk forskningsundersøgelse viste situationen et par år senere: https://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/07/09/invandrare-krigar-mot-svenskar-med-ran/


Mindst 5.000 til Danmark fra Libanon i dag

Krigen kommer længe før du aner det

I Danmark er mindst 13 pct. af indbyggertallet fremmede – d.v.s. de stammer fra områder uden for Nordamerika, Vesteuropa, Israel, Japan, Australien og New Zealand. Tidligere har vi sat perioden 2009 til 2011 til tidsrummet, hvori krigshandlingerne kunne forventes at starte i Danmark. Det holder ikke længere.

“Bekæmp dem til hvem skriften blev givet, men som ikke tror hverken på Allah eller på den sidste Dag, som ikke forbyder hvad Allah, og hans Apostel har forbudt og ikke antager den rette tro, indtil de betaler tribut og er helt undertrykte.” Koranen 9.29

En persisk advarsel i 1996:

“Danskerne tager let på jihad (Hellig Krig), fordi det stemmer bedst med deres billede af livet. Men Jihad skal opfattes som alvor. Tro mig. Jeg har studeret Islam i mere end 30 år. – I øjeblikket (1996) er der ingen fare, for endnu er antallet i Danmark ikke stort. Men bliver de mange nok, skal de udføre Allahs ordre om at udbrede Islam ved sværdets magt. – Det er en obligatorisk pligt at gennemtvinge Islam som religion, livsstil og politisk lære. Det skal ske overalt i verden, hvor muslimer enten invaderer et land eller kommer til at udgøre en gruppe, der er tilstrækkeligt stor.” (slut citat af Adnan Wahab, Jyllands-Posten 8/1 1996)

Adnan Wahab angiver 10 pct. som den andel, der vil give muslimer anledning til at gennemtvinge Islam i værtslandet