16. juni 2006

Invited Terror

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Growing terrorist activity in Norway. Norway has supported terror-organisations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for several years. Norway has also become sanctuary for international terrorists – like Denmark that had more 40 of the worst terror-organizations (already in 1994) established in the country according to the intelligence service (read below). Hijackers and leaders of terror-organisations like Ansar Al-Islam has found its safe home in Norway. 

http://www.svik.org/norskterror.htm (in Norwegian) (does not work anymore)

Our Nordic states has invited them in. The states support them, and at same time the politicians say the opposite to the voters and to their allies. On the Nordic and on the European level signs of those frontiers that the terror-war otherwise misses, and that we have to take into account, when it begins. From bridgeheads in Bosnia and Marokko the terro-networks have systematically started the construction of an Euro-Army:

Al Qaeda builds an Euro-Army (does not work anymore)

Try this 

Try this

For a long time we have known that we closer to 12 oclock that we have dared to inform until now.  


May 1st 1994 you could read this in the biggest Danish Newspaper Jyllandsposten:


“About 40 of the world’s most feared terror-organizations have their bases or agents in Denmark, PET (the Police-intelligence-service) considers.The sympatizers of these organisations provide money, false passports and sanctuaries for the terrorists of those movements. Officially PET will not inform about its knowledge to the huge number of terror-organisations in Denmark – mine: with less than 5 mill. Danish inhabitants -, but leading employers in PET says that about 80% of the 50 best known movements have direct contact to people in Denmark. It can be members who have got political asylmn, immigrants or Danes who sympatize with their struggle….”  

unquote, an extract of Ruth Berings TTV2 – article October the 7th 2001.

I know Ruth Bering who I fully recommend.

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