15. juni 2006

Didacting EU–Commissioner


Didacting EU–Commissioner on economic og population policies in EU

”EU IS WARNING” you read on DR-texttv in capital letters 18 Mars 2005


EU-Commissioner Vladimir Spidla is the name of the source. The Commissioner claims that the population of EU shrinks. It has to be the 10 new countries that contributes to this, because the population increased by 1,290,000 from 377,710,000 to 379,000,000 among the 15 old members in 2002 – the latest year of which we have got the official population figures.The immigration and the immigrants represent this growth in the number of individuals and more than that, because the European ordinary population actually decreased by 2.3 mill. in 2002 caused by their low fertility, as Spidla quite correctly states. We will return to this. Documentation: http://www.lilliput-information.com/engeufolk.html

The population is shrinking, Europe is about to become an aged continent with a shrinking labour force and decreasing economy”, DR-texttv referes the EU-Commissioner.The labour force is the part of the population that either works or supplies its qualifications on the labour market, without to find a job. With a growing number of immigrant residents the labour force cannot decrease. Here the cause and the effect are being mixed up, and also truth and lies. It is simply nonsense.

The truth is quite another: Decreasing economy in all dominating EU-countries for the last three years. That is the reason to the unemployment everywhere. That has nothing to do with the magnitude of the labour force. They are just becoming unemployed or registred on social security/welfare instead of having a job. The present immigrants have 3-3 1/2 times higher unemployment rate that the ordinary Europeans, a lot of them cannot even qualify for the labour market at all, as 3/4 – 4/5 of the non-Western immigrants in the working ages are unemployed or expelled. This is caused by the totally false valuation by the powerbrokers or of treason, because they imported among others mountain farmers from Turkey and desert herdsmen from Somalia and Afghanistan to a coming hightech Europe then, as it was planned to become.

EU-Commissioner Vladimir Spidla claims that the ordinary populations of Europe bear 1.48 child in average per woman. It could certainly be interesting to know where this information has its sources. In Denmark for example ”old Danes’ ” fertility or more correctly their birth frequency is not even accounted any more, the Danish Bureau of Statistics (DS) informs us (the expression ”old Danes” originate from DS).

Even at the Baby-Summit-Meeting of EU in Stockholm 2001, according to Frede Vestergaard’s article in the Danish newspaper Weekend of 23 Mars 2001, the births were put on the agenda. This article has been commented in details in: http://www.lilliput-information.com/foda.html (in Danish). Frede Vestergaard reported about total frequences of birth – those of the immigrants added to those of the European populations – and a few times he mixed up the birth frequences of the naturalized ones with those of the European populations. But when it came to the South-European countries Frede Vestergaard reported birth frequences among the Italian and Spanish women of 1.2 and 1.21 in the ordinary populations. In Italy J’ai Compris no. 31, 2003 confirmed that the birth frequency among Italian women had been accounted to 1.2, against which the immigrant, muslim women bear 3.8 child in Italy.


So we have to take the information about 1.48 child from the EU-Commissioner with a grain of salt until proper documentation about the birth frequency of the ordinary populations respectively that of the non-Western immigrants have been presented in all the 25 EU-member-countries.An example built on the total fertility in Denmark, officially accounted to 1.78, assumed that the muslims bear according to official information, 3.1 or the non-Western immigrants bear Denmark like they do in Italy, and Danes bear as officially claimed by the EU-Commissioner 1.48 or like the Italians 1.2, and a non-Western official or correct part X:


3,1*X +1,48*(1-X) = 1,78

Immigrant share X: 18,5%


3,8*X + 1,2*(1-X) = 1,78

Immigrant share X: 22,3%


3,5*X+1,48*(1-X) =1,78

Immigrant share X: 12,9%

3,1*X + 1,2*(1-X) = 1,78

Immigrant share X: 30,5%

We have to use logic when we cannot get acces to the needed informationHere we use the simple weighed average as the total is a blend of high and low fertiltyOn this background it seems as if the Danish Bureau of Statistics and perhaps Euro-Stat both have to correct something, if the subordinates have to be informed truthfully.

We fully understand the message: ”When the economy is down, and the mountain of debt is increasing, the reason is a falling magnitude of the labour force – that means fewer have the ability and the will to work”.

That the capital is drawn into private speculation outside the production or away from Europe is certainly deciding, and a reason speeded well up by the leaders; but it is a reason kept secret:


The economy runs really bad caused by the too high wages and too high taxes compared with the rest of the world. This relation has been created entirely by the monopoly unions and the states. The unemployed and the expelled ones, in Denmark amounted to about 23% of the labour force, has the slitest resposibility for that.

Of the expelled in Denmark – close to 500.000 – about 40% are non-Western immigrants.On this background EU-Commissioner Vladimir Spidla, and besides also the tune up to now from Euro-Stat about a multipication of the non-Western immigration with 12-14 times, proposes an accelerated immigration to EU.

The worst for a follower of J. M. Keynes can imagine is not earthquake or major tidal waves. The worst nightmare he can imagine is a lower taxation. If we get more foreigners to Europe the prospects are that you perhaps can borrow more purchasing power on the non-Western immigrants, and then put the immigrants on taxation to fully secure the Keynesians, just in their lifetime of course.


M. Sc. (Economics) Joern E. Vig, Denmark


Information of Denmark

If your heart is filled use your brain”


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