19. maj 2006

Europe and Islam now and in the future

Will Europe be darkened?


– the great changes promised by our political leaders will not be

Try the 2008-edition

Europe and Islam now and in the future

We  must notice that Norway has made its official population forecast recently – without any needed correction. There is no correction in Sweden either.

So we hear about figures that are decreasing all the time – but it’s lies. The camouflage from the number of naturalizations just exceeds the number of new immigrants:

Try : http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html (the camouflage-number has to multiplied by 2 or 3)

A beginning critical activity seems to take place in Norway I have to say:  

The demographic development In Norway : http://www.honestthinking.org/no/pub/HT.2005.05.15.OJA.Bakgrunnsinformasjon_for_artikkel_om_SSB.html
(in Norwegian)

The future population of Norway:
(in Norwegian)

A crescent over Europe?:

Europe and Islam: Crescent Waxing, Cultures Clashing:


Islam in France: The French Way of Life Is in Danger:

 From Holland we get positive comments on  :
(Dutch or English)

Norway and Holland is respectively about 10 years behind and 15-20 years ahead of the wrong immigration-development in Denmark.

I.e. we will see a majority of Muhammedanes here about 2035-2040, in Norway in about 2050, but in Holland (with a foreigner-percentage of 25-28) they will get the majority in 2025-2030. There has definitely been a war long before this happens, perhaps a war that will prevent the development to ascalate further towards a multietnic chaos, who knows? The war is being orchestrated from Bosnien and Morocco. You don’t belive? Look here:


All European governments continue steadily and calm with the great extention/expansion of a Eurpean co-operation to the west and to the south, where you perhaps should re-arrange the trade and contacts taught the latest experiences. This co-operation is about “exchange of workforce, education  and culture (and immigration)” and surely on money from EU paid to the development-restricted areas in 10 countries south of the Mediterranean. Most likely we should expect our governments to do nothing to prevent or delay anything in the connection. In addition the Euro is being helt floating by Arabic Oil and self-strengthened continuous interest-rate rises caused by the Euro-construction itself.  Any kind of support from our busy leaders must most likely have to be regarded as non-excisting, seen from point. The Arabic oil countries unfortunately have them very much in their pocket so to say, so much that they will do nothing at best. In addition Euro is floating in oil as a payment from the other side: (for details and background)


To get out of this dilemma is more than difficult:

A series of interest-rate increases simply presses the rate of exchange further up in a Europe close to zero growth, and it worsens the conditions further, as precise as we described it just before the first referendum on Euro. Now they was prevented to make inflation again (in Denmark) in order just to use this as an false argument for a second referendum on Euro about 2010, when it has went wrong. The interest-rate increases slows down the activity even more on (mainland) Europe, and even though the unemployment really is close to 20 p.c. of the those who could go to work.

European population and the fitted for work: http://www.lilliput-information.com/euarb.html

Here you could have imagined perhaps a re-arragement of the trade with most terror-fixated areas of the world assumed that we got our energy-trade directed into safety. Europe could replace the deliveries we get from countries that are expected more and more to use a terroristic policy of trade against the West in the nearest  future.  Denmark has in really been self-sufficient with energy resources for the last 15 years.

That is the background and the reason why we have to collect and possibly create power of resistance right now. If we don’t succeed the European people will not get the needed support in upcoming fight and war that surely will come as sure as the Amen in church. And this war is coming much sooner than the majority expect. Without civil resistance we have lost beforehand. It is 2 minutes to twelve.

Dansk version: http://www.lilliput-information.com/eumork.html

If your heart is filled use your brain

Best Regards

Joern E. Vig, Demark


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    In a nut shell Islam is about world dommination! this is a short and brief view of how the muslims intend to attain their agenda of islamification of the whole world !To start with let speak about their their motivation and it is about their 72 ertenal virgin who give sexual pleasure for their holy warriors even after they enter after life by blowing themselves up an in the process killing a dozen of innocent people who in their wildest dream would never harm a thing let alone a muslim ……….this very thought is is revolting…..We have to agree in ernest that most of us are ill informed about islam being a religion of peace, and most of the muslims we know are the peace lovinging moderate silent majority, and the religion of is hijacked by radical elements .Well it is not so.There is no modrate islam & radical islam there is only one religion islam.We will have to agree that the religions of the world have some point of time undergone this changes mentioned above,but none of the religions advocates death for the peoplewho do not share the same faith and,whatever excess and volience which wasand is committed by the followers of other faith were purely political and not religious, although some amount of religious intolerance is there in all the religions even today but it is nothing compared to islam..FOR IN CASE OF ISLAM ,IT IS INTOLRANCE WHICH IS THE RELIGION,IT IS A BLUE PRINT FOR MASS MURDER IN A INDUSTRIAL SCALE WHICH TRANCENDS PLACE AND TIME,(meaning the project which was started almost 1400years ago is not complete until the world would be completely converted Islam)THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO STOP, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER ,OR ALL OF US HAVE CONVERT TO ISLAM THERE IS NO THIRD OPTION BECAUSE- The muslims ummah propgates expnasion of islam by all means ,First and fore most by the sword ,it is the duty of all the muslims to kill the non muslims it written. the koran state that there is no other god other than Allah and Mohammed is only true porphet,any one who beg’s to differ is a infidel and kafir so should be beheaded at once.It is said to them donot to be friend kaffir(the non muslims)! strike them when you get the chance..Any peace treaty with the muslims is invalid, as the koran say make peace treaty with the infedals, in the dead of the night go out kill them all . Every muslim no matter how he or she is educated in western value ‘s DO NOT FOLLOW MULTICULTURE ethics it is evident in the way they dress, they live.It is a mere obligation that muslims pretend that they follows the law of the land(this is allowed in islam-Taqiyya-to be decitfull to confuse the nonbeliver) when they are minority!.If they become tha majority the rules of engagment is totally diffrent,Remember(jessiya the slave tax which give’s the non beliver right to live in muslim dominated country,persecution are many in islam yet it called the universal brother hood only god knows why?-) & who ever disagrees has to be beheaded and the video is posted on the internet.Polygamy is rampant in islam have any one every wondred why? the point is women in islam are sub-human without any rigths on their own ,they are only useful to reproduce their own, It is because polygamy leads to a lot of children .They breed like rabbits,And without a single short being fired one fine day in the near future (may be in another20to30years) the muslims will over run Europe by sheer numbers,!yes this also a method of jihad, Might sound Like conspiracy theory,?Here is the answer !as the muslims immigrant from pakistan,libya,morroco and the north afircan belt,middle east & sub continent come to Europe with the cloths on their backs and empty pockets & their peace full brotherhood they slowly change demograph of europe,( as of now.,More than 53 million Muslims live in Europe — 14 million of them in the European Union and growing.) in Europe. A Europe which dose not belive in any thing now(GOD, FAMILY VALUES,IDEOLOGY or,IDENTY).and ,because of their hypocriscy, of being politically correct or because,widely held libral secular views or simply lack of will to act,The european’s way of life as we know it now will cease to exist. thank to our Muslim appeasing politicians who are only intrested in there votes because of their growing numbers,so they could hold on to power,These hypocrites look the other way when EUROPEAN WOMEN ARE GANGE RAPED,AND HUMILIATED(Rape of kaffir wemon and children is approved by islam and the koran as exploites of war) , by the peace loving Muslims who consider themselves to be a invading islamic armies.Muslims aim is ISLAMIFICATION OF the whole world,but one step at a time.Like a parasite which kill its host slowly from within these peace loving brother of islam willAnnihilate any socity which dise not accept the so called superiority of islam this is what happened in Egypt almost 1300 yrs ago,after conquering the arabian peninsular by war ,the Muslims went on to conqure mighty egypt which was then a super power,which was a very advanced cosmopolitan culture,Rich in science,astonomy,mathematics and medical science(remember the LIBARY OF ALEXANDRIA a center of higher knowledge-no more) like that of present day Europe, the culture which we admire so much and fascinated,is now confined to the pages of histoy thanks to peace full islam and his prophet.The muslims from the arab heart land populated Egypt ,the native’s of this once ancient land became a minorty in their own land, Enslaved & Persecuted and heavily taxed and they vanished without a trace in less than 100 years .And yes the koran advocates this to be a form of jihad…………………..ethnic cleansing i would say!…can we still claim islam to a religion of peace!.i see europe going the same way ………..not far behind is America .it not to late…………….sit up and smell the coffee!.let us still not say that Islam is peacefull…it time the World ( the people, politicians& media) strat acting today tomorrow migth be too late for who ever who is not a muslim


    Kommentar af WILLIAMS — 13. september 2007 @ 19:28

  3. So, we are twenty steps behind due to the relatively ordered relations in the West. If it goes on as for the last five years, Denmark has a majority foreigners before 2040. Not the slitest thing in past or in the present tells me islam is peaceful.


    Kommentar af Sonia — 19. september 2007 @ 22:00

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